Authbase: March 2018 Update

Hey there,

Following our launch in Febuary 2018, we’ve added some new features to help our users do more on Authbase.

  • Introducing Authcrypt, a new way to send encrypted messages is now live at To view an Authcrypt, a special 6-character ‘Authcode’ and a ‘Authpass’ is required. The message is encrypted with AES-256. The message is directly encrypted with the ‘Authpass’, so entering the wrong ‘Authpass’ will result in the incorrect message being returned.
  • We finalized the Authbase Design language, which will help us keep a modern, yet simple design across all Authbase Products. CSS values for the Authbase Design language can now be viewed at
  • We updated security across all Authbase products, and updated our backend code to be flexible enough to quickly issue security updates that work, incase of an emergency.

We’re also working on Authpush, a new way to manage push notifications to iOS devices without needing to register with Apple’s APN. We’ll be sharing more information as it comes out.

Thanks’ for making Authbase as great as it is today, and we can’t wait to share the future with you.

William, Developer at Authbase