Introducing the Authstatus Widget

Earlier this month we introduced Authstatus, a new, free way to create a status page for your site. Features include uptime pinging, incident reporting and so much more. And today, we’re giving you a meaningful way to quickly alert users of your site as to what’s going on without them ever having to go to your status page, with the Authstatus Widget.

The Authstatus Widget sits in the bottom right (or left) corner of your site, and only is displayed when there is an incident reported by you. Otherwise, it’s hidden. It can be minimised, but whilst it’s active, it shows useful information such as recent updates to the incident.

It can be included in just 8 lines of code, and it can be easily customised using your own CSS.

To include the widget (7kb), add the following between your <head></head> tags:

<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

You may download the files and host them on your own server if you wish. This may be at a disadvantage to your users however, as they may have them cached on a different site that uses Authstatus.

… and finally, to add the widget to your page, add the following HTML / JS:

<div id="as-widget"></div>
        appID: "yourAppID"

If you want to customize the alignment of the widget, use the following code:

AuthstatusWidget.align("left"); //default "right"

We hope you enjoy the Authstatus Widget! If you have any questions, hit us up at