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An Open Letter to All Authentic Chai Lovers

Be one of the first to reserve your Chime for $25 and lock in the lowest pre-order price before June 20, 2016.

Dear Chai Lovers,

We love chai as much as you. We wake up early to make a cup before work, we walk 15 minutes from our office to that small-nook restaurant that has “ok” chai in the afternoon. We make chai when our friends come over, when our family visits, when we are about to start an important task. We get it. A love for chai is like nothing else.

While it is a beautiful addition to our lives — making authentic chai is messy and time consuming and when we have a boil-over, our joyful ritual becomes a cleaning burden. Our stove? Yea, it’s covered in foil, but that doesn’t always stop the sticky milk from seeping in. Arg.

We took our experience working in tech, fused it with our passion for chai and poured it into Chime (pun intended!). All those years working in tech, now redirected at a ritual we engage in daily, we would have never imagined!

Chime is the world’s first connected device to brew authentic chai in under 3 minutes. It’s our commitment to bring back the joy of everyday rituals with simplicity and ease. We’ve been working hard for 2 years and today is a big day — check out our coverage today in Mashable, SlashGear, Gizmodo, and TheNextWeb. We are live, and it feels so good!

Reserve your Chime for $25

Starting today, you can reserve your Chime for $25 and lock in the lowest pre-order price of $249 USD (Retail $399) along with some other special benefits (see our website for details).

We hope you will join us, and reserve your Chime today — don’t worry, you can cancel anytime.

“Making authentic chai is a twice-a-day ritual for me personally, along with millions of people around the world. It’s a labor of love that is messy and time consuming - that is exactly why I created Chime.”

— Gaurav Chawla, Founder, Chime

Meet Chime: Sure beats the manual process of making chai. Pots, pans, sieves, mess, time, complicated…

How does Chime work?

Chime is a connected device that makes the entire process fast, easy and clean. We’ve transformed the most important steps of the manual chai making process into a device that is simple. Have a look.

“Our device has a dual-boiler that brews traditional chai — simultaneously boiling milk and black tea and spices, giving you a consistently delicious cup of chai every time.”

— Gaurav Chawla, Founder, Chime

Connected device features

We thought through the features that matter to you. The app allows you to have finer controls over the process of making chai and automatically re-order fresh Chime Caps, every month. More details here.

Chime Cap Varieties

We are launching with 5 Chime Cap blends: Plain Black (only black tea), Cardamom, Ginger, Cardamom and Ginger and Masala. We are sourcing our high-grade tea from Assam and Darjeeling in India.

Chime Cap Blends: Cardamom, Ginger, Cardamom and Ginger, Masala

More questions? Have a look at our website and FAQ page.

Will you join us? Tell your chai-loving friends about Chime and reserve yours today!

Details here

Chai-fully yours,

The team at Chime




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The first connected device for chai. Masala meets machine...Cardamom meets computer. Reserve for $25 before June 20th #authenticchai

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