Why Your Dapp Needs Authereum

Chris Whinfrey
Jul 25 · 5 min read

Ethereum has come a long way from its humble beginnings and is now being explored by some of the biggest companies in the world who are betting big on blockchain being a part of our everyday lives. Even with the beginnings of Ethereum 2.0 around the corner, the reality is that there is still a lot of work to do before web 3.0 can achieve a mainstream appeal.

State of Web 3.0

Currently, about half of all internet traffic is driven from mobile devices but the mobile experience for web 3.0 applications is still clunky at best. As of now, the only way to access web 3.0 applications on a mobile device is by downloading an app or a specialized “crypto browser” that comes with a built in Ethereum wallet for interacting with web 3.0 applications. Users must then write down a seed phrase and obtain some Ether for their new account before they can begin using your application. These are big hurdles for a user to take on before they can even start receiving value from your dapp!

Reenactment of a user using a dapp on a mobile device.

If you plan on offering a native app experience, you’ll run into another host of issues. Offering a native app currently means your users will need a separate account in the app and thus have more seed phrases to back up and balances to manage. This is why application-specific native apps are extremely rare for web 3.0 applications while being nearly ubiquitous for web 2.0 applications. If you want to achieve a true mainstream appeal, your web 3.0 application must:

  • Eliminate required downloads
  • Offer a comprehensive mobile experience
  • Limit the steep “crypto learning curve” often required of users

This is why we’re rethinking the web 3.0 user experience from the ground up with Authereum. Using technologies such as contract based accounts, meta transactions, stable tokens, and more, we can recreate familiar user experiences while remaining true to our core values that include decentralization, self-custody, and privacy.

These are the reasons your dapp needs Authereum.

Why You Need Authereum

Provide a true mobile experience

If a user is directed to your dapp on their mobile phone and you’re instructing them to download a web 3.0 browser before they can use your app, your conversion rates are going to suffer. Integrating Authereum will allow new users to sign up with a username and password without leaving their browser like they have been since they first started using the internet. You can also offer users the more refined experience of a native app without forcing them to manage another account. Users can simply log in with the account they use everywhere, no backing up of seed phrases or shuffling of funds necessary.

Seamless onboarding

Contract based accounts with account recovery options eliminate the need for users to back up a seed phrase up front allowing them to get to your dapp faster. Authereum will use Torus to allow users to trigger an account recovery process with a Google or Facebook login. Onboarding users that don’t have crypto yet? Access to fiat on ramps like Wyre will get crypto into your users’ hands right away with just a credit or debit card. No multiple day KYC process required.

Pay fees with any token

Users can pay transaction fees with a range of tokens such as DAI. Enabling a stable-token-first experience (coming soon) allows users to transact in whatever currency they’re most comfortable with.


By default, the Authereum Transaction Firewall can block potentially fraudulent or harmful transactions. Using traditional web 2.0 security techniques as well as intelligent transaction profiling, we can mitigate the chances that your users will lose funds due to an unintended transaction. And of course, users can bypass the centralized security features if needed and always have full control of their funds. All key generation and key encryption is done client side and the Authereum servers never have access to user’s keys. Additionally, users will be alerted of suspicious activity with their account so they can take the appropriate steps to protect themselves.

One-click transactions

Authereum transactions don’t need to be individually approved because the transaction firewall and spending limits mitigate the risk of your users being compromised if your site is compromised. Additionally, users don’t have to worry about gas prices because the best price is found automatically for them using Gas Spectrum Transactions.

Peace of mind

Transacting with crypto, especially for the first time, can be a nerve-racking experience. Insured accounts (coming soon) allow users to operate without fear of losing their hard earned cash due to a mistake or cyber attack.

Authereum user knowing their account is insured.


Authereum provides a fundamentally different web 3.0 experience that will save your users headaches and allow them to focus on your dapp. Give your users the mobile experience they want by supporting standard browsers and offering a mobile app. Stop losing conversions when potential users hit a download page. And lastly, allow your new and experienced users alike to interact more fluidly with your dapp with one-click transactions. Best of all, Authereum is dead simple to integrate into your dapp with only two lines of code required and more integration options coming soon. Take a look for yourself and check out our Uniswap demo live on Kovan.


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