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37. Just a story

I keep reading news or articles about payments… and ‘smart’ google keep showing me news about payments and more I read, more payments related news/articles pop-up. News such as company X raised $million funding, fraudsters duped people to share OTP, UPI achieved so many million transactions… so on and so on…

News… few that can be ignored… news about people getting duped when they shared OTP (that is stupidity, banks did tell you not to do that… listen to them), few are about extra ‘0’s here and there (when some payment mode clocked X number of transactions) and few were super surprising (like when Snoop Dogg invested in Fintech, Klarna).

But recently, I read a news story about payments that left me amazed. It wasn’t about some company raising money or a merchant doing billion-dollar sales… it is about a meagre 0.04 GBP (or $0.052).

So, what is it about this story that made me sit up and notice?

Here it goes… A person found a lost wallet but couldn’t find details of the owner. As he wanted to contact the owner, so he did 4 transfers of GBP 0.01 each to the wallet-owner’s card. In the remarks/narration of each transfer, he sent the message that he had found the wallet and shared his phone number to contact. And then what? The wallet owner was checking his bank statement and noticed the transfers and the message… Rest of the story played exactly as you expected.

Here is the link:

What is special about this story?

The person who found the wallet is clever, knows payments and most importantly, he is fiercely HONEST in that he figured out a way to do the right thing.

I believe that such small acts of kindness or honesty keep the world from falling into chaos (I can go on forever but i think you got the point)

So… be SMART, know your PAYMENTS and be HONEST

Wish you all ‘Happy Deepawali’… live long & prosper :)




Everything about digital payments, products/platforms, processes and players in dynamic and evolving India’s payment eco-system. You can order a book on <>

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