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57. The Imitation Game

my blog is used in UPI Autopay deck (for the webinar)— neither with my permission, nor acknowledging its source.

Copied Slide 1:
Copied Slide 2: Minor changes + Changed font :)

“Imitation is the best form of flattery”…this is absurd. Imitation is, at best, a form of ‘taking something without telling the owner’. We all may do such things knowingly or unknowingly.

The point of this “pointless” blog isn’t just to highlight this single incident — there are many such examples: Company inviting candidate from competition in disguise of interview just to extract information, A company calling multiple payment aggregators, just to extract a few details post that setting a giant hurdle which the vendors cannot cross and many more such cases.

If we want to build a knowledge based society or work culture, then we need to understand the difference between value and price. And should learn to give credit where it is due.



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