The Blockchain is Coming to the Real World

Authoreon paves the road to blockchain adoption

Launch of the A-ID Code

We’ll start with the most fantastic news for the entire Authoreon community by introducing the A-ID Code which is our core development, the first digitally readable, optical label on the blockchain, that enables numerous blockchain product use cases and applications in Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification.

You can test the A-Id Code Generator Beta here!

Existing optical labels, like barcodes and QR codes, only contain or link to centralized information about the item and aren’t optimal for authentication, decentralized and secure data storage; selective access, and tracing.

Authoreon’s A-ID is a scannable code that creates a secure digital twin for products, identities, and certificates. Our core technology will be applied to use-case specific decentralized applications (dApps) for companies, governments, and consumers.

We aim for a holistic solution that, through the development of a wide array of dApps, covers a very broad spectrum of use cases based on our 3 layer protocol.


Now you of course want to know what the A-ID code is good for and how it will be used? The applications based on the technology are very far reaching, from a self-manageable eID to tracking gemstone and jewellery certificates, protecting your medical history, DNA records or just having (high)school and university diplomas safely on our blockchain. If you use your imagination we’re convinced you will be able to come up with at least one use-case yourself.

We are currently working on several applications for the A-ID. Our goal is to develop very user friendly dApps for a global market. Users who have absolutely NO experience with blockchain will be able to harness the technology for their own good. Next to corporate customers we aim for the biggest partnership possible: YOU, domestic users and small businesses all over the world. We choose to develop the following applications first because these dApps will be a great first example of what Authoreon has to offer, each in its own way.

Retail & Brand Protection

The A-ID Code can help brands to authorize their retail, to fight counterfeits and improve their supply chain management. Every brand in the world will be enabled to authorize (online and offline) retailers with an ‘Authorized Retailer’ scannable A-ID label and certificate linked to the Authoreon blockchain. The brands will also be able to register their products with and ‘Original Product’ scannable A-ID label and certificate. These two options also make it possible for brands and companies to track their full supply chain trough the Authorized Retailers. Authoreon is also working additional supply chain solutions like RFID and scannable A-ID smart ink.

A Self-Managed Identity

The biggest issue with your sensitive personal data is that you have absolutely no control over it. The average person has 90 different websites where all kinds of personal information is required. Authoreon will solve this problem by giving back full control over your sensitive data. With our Self-Managed Identity solution, you will be able to protect your data and grant selective access to it when needed. This will enable instant (online) registrations and payments. It could incorporate voting rights and you will never have to stand in line at your local civic center again.

Data Storage & Certification

The A-ID Code enables a secure data storage of sensitive files, as well as an efficient verification of all types of certificates. If you have any idea of the amount of sensitive files and certificates being created every day, this use case is a big one. These files and certificates will be safely registered on the Authoreon blockchain and selective access can be granted by the owner of these documents. This means there is no possibility to tamper with or lose these files. Imagine a homicide court case where all evidence and statements are safely registered on the Authoreon blockchain by using our dApp under full control of the judge who is able to grant selective access when needed. Or simply every notary document you have to pay for to keep safe, can be safely stored on the Authoreon blockchain without the need of a notary as a trusted third party.

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Rebranding & Relaunch

In addition to our beta product launch, we have conducted a full brand and homepage relaunch and unveiled a new roadmap. During the past weeks and months the Authoreon team has been working very hard on its rebranding and relaunch. We put a lot of thought into the design, structure and the overall look and feel, and — as you may have noticed — it’s all about the code.

Developer Program

We at Authoreon believe it takes a community to sketch, design and build great solutions and products! Based on this believe, we launched our brand new Developer Program. If you’re triggered by our technology and you want to offer an idea, contribute to an existing development or work with the team to build something from scratch, then register for our Developer Program! The possibilities are endless — just like the rewards!

Stay tuned as there are more big new announcements coming soon.

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