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13 Things To Know Before You Launch A Startup

Before you quit your job and launch a business, here are 13 things you should keep in mind

Have dreams of starting a business?

Well before you quit your job and launch a business, here are 13 ideas, shared from 13 accomplished founders, that you should first consider.


You’ll never get a full night’s sleep again — there is no time to sleep, emails come in at all hours of the day and the phone starts ringing at 9am sharp. — Rashidah De Vore


Get ready for the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime. In the startup world, you have massive highs and deep lows. It is all part and parcel of the epic ride of having a startup. Some weeks, we will have great success in achieving our sales and development milestones, other weeks everything will just go south very fast. Prepare for the unexpected, and then some. — Barry Oberholzer


Don’t be blinded from big fund money — Ran Poliakine


It won’t happen overnight. Patience is the secret sauce for innovation. When we developed our high efficiency transcoding solution, we were certain customers would flock to our service based on the affordable costs and time savings. We found out the hard way that raising awareness for a new technology is a massive effort and requires significant investment and effort to get the word out. It helps having many satisfied customers that love your product and tell their friends and family about it, but that takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slowly compounding process of trust building that creates a powerful and hopefully, lasting momentum over time. — Murad Mordukhay


Love — Love isn’t a cheesy word. It’s a necessary part of human existence/performance. Build a culture where the employees love their company, their coworkers and their stake holders (consumers/clients/etc.)- Gabriel Krajicek

Empower your employees

Empower your employees. Continually give them more tasks as they continue to improve, and always provide them with the resources they need to be successful. Since our clients are located globally, Bx3 allows all of its employees to work from wherever they would like in the world. We also provide unlimited vacation time, which promotes responsibility and trustworthiness with our employees. People are much more productive when they are free to manage themselves. — Kyle Asman

Be genuine

Be genuine. People want to hear information in a straightforward way. It can be easy to put on rose-colored glasses when delivering difficult information or to speak in sales-mode when trying to get buy-in on an idea, but authenticity is far more effective.- Charles Sansbury


You should focus on taking a team from good to great by creating a high level of trust. When you achieve that, you can make faster decisions and challenge one another to do better. When there’s trust between a team, employees no longer think there are alternative motives.- Jim Kavanaugh

Don’t try to do too much

Don’t try to do too much — Mike Smithwick


It’s all about relationships — This is something that I have learnt over the years. A good product or a service is of course essential for your success. But relationships are probably the most important things that one should work on. A good, healthy relationship with your team, clients and consumers improves the quality of your products and services and makes business much more enjoyable and meaningful. -Abhii Dabas


Beg forgiveness, don’t ask permission.- David Levine


Go and ask your customers what they really think about your apps — People with disabilities and their families are incredibly generous with their time and thoughts about our apps. Even those who are in the last few months of their lives will still suggest updates, explaining that it won’t help them, but will be great for whoever comes along after they’ve gone.- Rebecca Bright


If you’re not enjoying what you are doing for long periods of time, then it’s time to make a change. I was at my previous company for over 10 years. It was my entrepreneurial baby. Over the years, the capital structure had shifted, and the business model was such that external factors could cause intense instability at the drop of a hat. That creative, entrepreneurial spirit that had fueled me began to dwindle. I slowly came to the realization that I was no longer able to create in my role as CEO. I wasn’t able to give my best, and they weren’t able to get the best out of me. Leaving my former company was very hard — but it was also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m now at the helm of an incredibly exciting AI startup. I’m back to my entrepreneurial roots. Don’t live in known anguish for fear of the unknown. -David Karandish



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