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19 Ways That You Can Become “Grittier” This Year

Having more Grit can change your life this year. Here is how to develop your “Grit” muscles…

Grit is a popular buzzword these days. It refers to the ability to persevere in the face of adversity. Studies have shown that more than raw skill or resources, Grit is one of the most important factors that determine eventual success.

Grit is a habit. Like all habits, it is a habit that can be built and strengthened like a muscle.

Here are 19 tips that can help you to build your “Grit” muscles.

Everything that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you

“Everything that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you…” — Steve Jobs. To me this means that anything is possible. I look around at architecture, business models and software and realize that we’re all capable of anything. It comes down to the execution. — Jessica Higgins

Get Physical

Get Physical — Not with others, but with yourself. When I push myself physically in the gym, for example, I mean truly wear myself down, I am forced to clear my mind and find a way to push through. This is a great reminder of the power of the mind, and that with enough concentration and grit, I am capable of pushing through anything. — Skyler Ditchfield

Go to bed early and wake up early

Go to bed early and wake up early. Eating a healthy mostly vegan diet has helped me stay healthy and then just to keep moving. It’s all about balance. I love to exercise as a form of meditation and with two little girls they keep me busy. — Karina Feld

Failures are the training ground of endurance and courage

Failures are the highest test of endurance and courage. I used to get really bent out of shape when things didn’t turn out how I had imagined them. I would actually become verbally negative to both myself and others. Years later, it became apparent to me how important those experiences were and the positive ways they shaped some of my best character traits. For example, I learned by getting a C in a class how to be satisfied with doing my best even though it wasn’t an A. Perfection is impossible but doing my safe is within my reach. There will always be more to do and learn and that’s exciting. — April Kirkwood

Expect mistakes

Expect mistakes. They will definitely happen. How you recover from those mistakes is so much more important than the mistake itself. This is an inevitable part of running a business. Don’t waste time beating yourself up. Learn and move on. One lesson we had to learn the hard way was not setting up a strong inventory system before we had millions of dollars in merchandise. — Chris Gerbig

Something will always go wrong but it’s okay!

Something will always go wrong but it’s okay! Finding the solution and growing from it is key — A huge lesson I have learned is if something can go wrong 99.9% of the time it will and that is okay. I joke that I consider myself a glorified problem solver at this point. There is no such thing as a problem only a solution. — Laureen Asseo

Read! Read about real life stories of entrepreneurs with grit

Read! Reading about real life stories of entrepreneurs with grit can help spark the grit within yourself. — Lowey Bundy Sichol

Do one thing that scares you everyday

Do one thing that scares you everyday — to develop Grit you have to be able to do things that scare you, again and again each day. Try 1 scary thing each day as a way to build up your fear tolerance and grit muscles. — Stacy Caprio

Do not try and be all things to all people or you become nothing to anyone

Do not try and be all things to all people or you become nothing to anyone……focus like a laser on your niche and be really clear on what you stand for. Just look at the car market today. Remember those old classic cars that had so much character. Now it almost seems that most cars from most companies looks so similar that they have lost their distinct personalities and in doing so have undermined their brand equity in the process. — Craig Wolfe

Stay proactive

Stay in “Attack” mode, so you are always on offense. If you stay proactive and continue to look for ways to keep your business a step ahead of the competition, you never have to worry about making defensive moves to save yourself when new challenges arise. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario, so that you can attack it before it attacks you. Most people want to ease up when things are going well, but that’s the most dangerous spot to put yourself in. If you start to settle or get complacent, that is when you are the most vulnerable. It’s when things are going well that you have to pretend you are broke and keep fighting tooth and nail. Just recently I had to push our CFO to release more advertising money, because we need to continue relentless promotion at all times. — Shannon Hudson

Take breaks

Take breaks. Recently, there was a study that showed ants are so efficient because they take frequent breaks, or “idleness.” Those who naturally have grit or who are trying to develop it tend to go overboard. We’ll reward ourselves, like, “If I write 2,000 more words, then I can have a snack.” Unsurprisingly, this type of approach didn’t help with my eating disorder. Well-timed breaks feed energy. I recommend going outside. A brisk walk can do wonders for creativity. — Jessica (Tyner) Mehta

What does this person have that I don’t

Find someone around your age that you can relate to who’s more successful than you. Then ask yourself, “What does this person have that I don’t?” You’ll quickly realize the answer is nothing and then that will motivate you to step up & elevate your level of desire and grit to accomplish your goals. At 21, I was broke. I met a 25 year old who was NO different than me and he was earning $10,000/week. I said, “If he can do it I can do it.” Then I began to work my face off and operate with absolute grit until I accomplished my goals, which I did. — Alex Morton


Don’t procrastinate — start right now. Take the word NOW and turn it around and it reads WON. — Dr. James Dentley

The power of the word “no”

Learn to use the power of the word “no” to your advantage. While “no” sounds negative it can be positive because it means you have a choice. “No” only means “not now,” it doesn’t mean “never.” “No” is the opportunity. “No” saved my life, but never stopped my love. “No” was abstinence in my marriage, but didn’t mean that I didn’t love my husband with all my heart. — Susan Lee Mintz

Travel the World — Alone

Travel the World — Alone. After college I took a year off, bought a one way ticket to Europe and traveled on my own. There is so much goodness that came from that experience, but when I came back I felt like I could do anything. I had the confidence to live anywhere and do anything and that I would not only survive, but thrive. Put yourself in unfamiliar situations that will force you to grow and change. The lessons you learn about life and yourself will translate to your business in a thousand different ways. — Sari Davidson

Do something good for someone each day

Do something good for someone each day. This can be either big or small but be conscious and committed to making the world a better place for someone each day. Put positive energy out each day and you can rest assured that it will come back to you. This will keep you permitted to persist. — Stephen B. Richards

Go to events alone

Go to events alone. Going to an event with a friend is the easy way out. I used to go to networking events with my best friend and we would end up only talking to each other and leaving early and going to dinner. When I started going by myself, I was forced to talk to people even if I was uncomfortable. That’s how I learned how to perfect my elevator pitch, meet fellow entrepreneurs, and learn from other businesses. — Ladan Davia

Don’t Avoid Your Feelings

Don’t Avoid Your Feelings — Our society has a long history of leaning on the intellect and devaluing our emotional experiences. If we constantly avoid our feelings, we lose the ability to really understand our deeper wants, desires, and needs. If we are going to understand what we are truly “made of”, which in many ways is a core pillar of developing an attitude of grit, then we must know ourselves. We can only do this by being willing to face our fears. — Becca Clegg

Have a daily habit doing something you enjoy, that’s just for you

Have a daily habit doing something you enjoy, that’s just for you. Many people only stay consistent on things they have to do, not things they want to do. When you prioritize your own happiness and pleasure, you retrain your mind in a positive way that builds confidence and gratitude in life. This also enables people to stay consistent, even when doing things they don’t enjoy as much. — Jaya Jaya Myra



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