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25 Strategies That Will Help You Become “Grittier”

Forget about Milk, do you got Grit?…

Very often the difference between success and failure is the abilty to “stick it out”. This is called having “Grit”.

But how do you develop Grit? Here are 25 ideas from very accomplished people on how they develop their “Grit habit”.

G.R.I.T. is an acronym

I believe grit is the magnet for the next level because people always want to be connected to success. Developing grit is a process. If G.R.I.T. was an acronym, it would entail growth and grinding, repeating to master lessons that need to be learned, intensity and toughness. — Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes

Do it for the right reasons

Do it for the right reasons … When I played we sometimes had a coach who would want to help with extra ground balls or early batting practice but he was the guy who wanted to make sure the press was around so he would get credit for his coaching and for his help. This never sat well with me. If you want to help someone help them quietly and make it about them, not about you. — Cal Ripken Jr.

Become very comfortable with failure

Become very comfortable with failure. In building a business, failure is around every corner, and if you give up after the first, second or even one hundredth failure, you will not succeed. Henry Ford said something along the lines of, “If you think you can, you’re right…and if you think you can’t, you’re right too.” This comfortability to ultimately push beyond my failures is what has helped me succeed throughout my career and navigate the uncharted, everchanging medical cannabis landscape successfully. — Nicholas Vita

Take your vacations

Take your vacations. I’m not saying you shouldn’t work hard and there won’t be days, weeks, months, or even years filled with long hours and sacrifice — BUT too much is simply too much. And while you might think it’s getting you ahead it is, in fact, burning you out and shortening the overall life span of your career in general as well as the quality of your work. — Jillian Michaels

Let “no” ignite your fire

Being told “no” ignites a fire in me that “yes” can’t compare to. There’s something about proving what you’re capable of doing when the odds are stacked against you, that truly motivates me. When you’re so certain of your purpose in life, it doesn’t matter what you’re up against, you’ll find your way through it. Quitting is never an option. — Aurora Pfeiffer

No short cuts

Recognize that there are no short cuts. You truly can’t walk ten miles into the woods and expect to walk out in five. I learned to accept that I didn’t gain weight overnight. I had not been heavy growing up and that I gradually gained the “freshman 15” in college, more in law school, more after getting married and then even more after having children. Much as I wanted to lose the weight overnight, I came to terms with the fact that it would a gradual process to becoming literally half of myself. — Charlene Bazarian

Always go the extra mile

Always go the extra mile: When I started on the railroad, my job was the lowest of lows. I was literally in 100 degree weather, bent over, pushing a pushcart and pulling up spikes. I realized I had the worst job on the railroad. The best job was running the equipment; you’re out in front and making more money. I knew that’s where I wanted to be. I started volunteering after work to help the workers drive to the next location and learned how to drive the equipment. One day, someone didn’t show up for work and they needed someone who knew how to work the equipment, and I did. It really doesn’t matter where you start, if you have that drive you can get there. — Gary Findley

Ask for Advice or Help

Ask for Advice or Help — Never let pride, embarrassment or humiliation stop you from asking for advice from someone who has wisdom where you need it. Remember to pay that forward to someone else when you are the one with the wisdom. If you need help, someone may want to help you. Don’t lose heart if you find out that the first people you ask, aren’t really your friends. Celebrate the fact that you know who your real friends are. — Vicki Fitch

What really matters is how many times you can get back up

Be resilient: It’s extremely cliché but it’s not how many times you get knocked down that matters, it’s how many times you get back up. I have failed many times in my career in almost every role I’ve had. Everyone makes mistakes. Your ability to learn from them and then shrug them off and keep going is directly proportional to the success you will achieve — Darren Roos

Have empathy and perspective

Have empathy and perspective. Are you having a bad day, week, month or even year? You aren’t alone. There are 7 billion people on this planet and the vast majority struggle every single day. When I start to feel down or bad for myself, I think of our soldiers overseas in war zones or people in third world countries who don’t have access to food or clean water. If they can prevail despite their situations which are infinitely more difficult than what I’m dealing with, then I can suck it up. Being empathetic of others and having a realistic perspective on life can help you to realize that typically situations aren’t nearly as dire as they might seem. — Andrew Carignan

Iterate, iterate, iterate

Iterate, iterate, iterate — we are 3.5 years into our company and we still grind away every single day. We are constantly building better tech and process to make this insanely complicated transaction easier. And yet, we make mistakes every day that lead us to tearing down what we built and building it back up again. Just when we think something is done, we start over. If that doesn’t build grit, I don’t know what does. — Sean Black

Know that it will make you kind and compassionate when others might not

You either have grit or you don’t. If you’ve got it, you’re going to wake up every day ready to plan your work and work your plan. You’re going to smile in the face of rejection. You’re going to see the world differently than everybody else does. You’re going to be kind and compassionate when others might not. You’re going to show up every day for the people who rely on you. — Randy Nicolau

Get used to the word “no”

The reality of starting a business is that you’ll have to get used to the word “no”. The key is to have the determination and ability to see beyond that. Mental toughness and strength of character are important qualities for any successful entrepreneur. To get past initial rejection and keep pushing forward, it’s critical to believe in your product and company with relentless optimism. As a personal example, I had approached a prominent consultant to work with us on two separate occasions, both of which he turned down. I refused to take no for an answer and on my third attempt, he accepted the offer. Today, he is one of our most enthusiastic evangelists. — Tom Livne

Expect that our own efforts can improve our future

There is an old Japanese saying: “Fall seven, rise eight.” You have to fall down to rise up. Duckworth tells us: “Grit rests on the expectation that our own efforts can improve our future. I have a feeling tomorrow will be better is different from I resolve to make tomorrow better. The hope that gritty people have has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with getting up again.” — Lisa Niver

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? My mom got me a box that said this about a year before I started my company, and I put it on my desk. Again, it was somewhat of a cliché, but I took it seriously because she embodied that mantra. I think of her struggles and successes often and I reminds me that I can succeed as well. Sharkbanz IS my story of attempting something imagining that I could not fail. — Nathan Garrison

Connect to a higher purpose

Connect to a higher purpose, solve a big problem. Fight an injustice. For me, it’s bringing joy to other peoples’ lives. When things are hard, I look at our customer testimonials. Some users actually use “love” to describe Playground Sessions. If that doesn’t motivate you, nothing will. My job is to figure out new ways to make Playground more accessible and successful, to bring joy to the learning process. — Chris Vance

Be humble and don’t be too proud to beg

Be humble and don’t be too proud to beg. The first couple of clients that we won, I told them we really wanted to do the job and asked them to please let us do it. — Brian Schultz

Don’t take things personal

Don’t take things personal. In business, it is truly transactional — doing the best you can is the best you’ve got! Trust that it will work out. — Jacquie Jordan

Find your story, share it with the world and share it often

Find your story, share it with the world and share it often. I learned this from my mentor who helped me understand that our story isn’t our weakness, it’s actually our strength. Too often we look at ourselves and think that what we’ve been through isn’t relatable or that it just emphasizes our failures but really what it does is shows the world how we overcame everything that was thrown our way and how we rose above it all. Our story makes us relatable, builds us up and gives others the courage to do the same. — Carla Williams Johnson

Align with strong partners

Align with strong partners. When things get tough you have to dig in and do what you can to help make it better. There was such limited information available when my husband was diagnosed with the disease. We had no choice but to become our own advocates to really effect change and identify successful treatments. — Marlene Portnoy

Start small

Start small. Instead of tackling the biggest challenges first, start with the small challenges. This will help develop confidence, which will carry over into other areas of your life. Remember: Developing grit in your personal life transfers to your professional roles, and vice versa. — Kim Perell

The word “grit” itself sounds to tough as nails but you must employ compassion and patience

Employ Compassion and Patience. The word “grit” itself sounds tough as nails. It might be surprising then, for me to say that I believe a huge part of what gives someone grit is the ability to employ compassion and patience. If you are able treat yourself with compassion, then you are far better equipped to keep going when you experience hard times than someone who is highly critical of themselves. — Becca Clegg

Accepting the unexpected

Developing grit requires accepting the unexpected. Everything cannot go perfectly, no matter how well you plan. Therefore, we all need to expect the unexpected and learn how to be flexible and deal with adapting situations in order to overcome challenges that we will face along the way. When “curveballs” are thrown my way, I am not shocked, I expected the surprise, and therefore I am prepared to handle it better than those who sit there in shock. — Dr. Janelle Luk

No Yes Men

Be Open to Guidance and Support — It goes without saying that entrepreneurship is a difficult road scattered with both anticipated and unexpected challenges. I believe that one of the most important tools for success and grit that entrepreneurs can apply is to surround themselves with people they can trust fully; to spend their time with individuals who can give honest, unbiased advice with genuine intentions while not just ‘yes’-ing them on everything. — Christine Marcus

Don’t take no for an answer

Don’t take no for an answer. I was always told I couldn’t do things based on my size. It was no different when I joined the male dominated Military… but I used my size to my advantage when I could, and I because mentally and physically strong as a result of pushing myself. — Kelsie Sheren




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