33 Reasons To Be Optimistic About The Future Of The United States

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Aug 20, 2018 · 15 min read

Yes, the US definitely needs improvement, but don’t despair. Here are 33 reasons to be optimistic about the future in the US…

When you watch the news, it sometimes feels like the US is unraveling. But while we definitely have some problems that need fixing, there is still a ton that we can be optimistic about in the US.

Sometimes it takes an someone with an outside perspective to give us a bit of an objective reality check.

The most famous example of this was Alexis de Tocqueville. Tocqueville was a French diplomat, a foreigner, who helped Americans appreciate how lucky they really were.

Similarly, I reached out to more than 30 successful immigrants, people who came to the US with almost nothing and built very successful careers, and asked them to share why we can be optimistic about the US’s future today.

I hope you find these ideas meaningful.

American business leaders are recognizing that they can no longer sit on the sidelines and must now engage the policies that will shape our country

“I am optimistic about the US’s future because more American business leaders are recognizing that they can no longer sit on the sidelines and must now engage the policies that will shape our country. The fact that leaders in the technology industry have taken such a strong stance in favor of thoughtful immigration policies is an example of this. Secondly, we live at a time when science and technology can be deployed to have massively positive effects on our economy and society, if we act with urgency and thoughtfulness. Finally, we live in a country with a constitution that aspires to equality and opportunity for all. While we have a tremendous amount of work to do, we have the fundamentals for a bright future.” — Mohamad Ali, CEO of Carbonite


With each new generation, we strive to give back. Many entrepreneurs are finding ways to be philanthropic through its business practices and that is inspiring. For me, giving back to our heroes, veterans and firefighters, is an important cause because they have sacrificed so much to protect us. — Adam Khoda, Founder of The Elite Fashion Group & Never Forgotten Apparel

Really is the land of opportunity

“It really is the land of opportunity. I believe wholeheartedly that I don’t think my journey could be achieved in another country. This is the only country where you have true opportunity for socio economic upward mobility. Here, you can make major moves between social classes, and typically everywhere else, it takes multiple generations to move between social classes. In spite of America’s challenges and dark history, it’s the only country where you can come in with nothing, and just through sheer effort you can power your way to the top. One of my heros, Arnold Schwarzenegger, knows he couldn’t have done what he did here, in Austria. The guy was the best-in-class at three things: bodybuilding, acting, and then politics when he was the Governor of California. You can’t do that in Austria, Japan, Russia, or South America. This is the type of opportunity that’s as close as you can get to a meritocracy.” — Edrizio De La Cruz, CEO and Cofounder of Arcus


“The American constitution could have never come about if it wasn’t for what is at the heart of the American idea, optimism. Optimism is a belief in what is possible and any culture that is based on this principal will survive the bumps along the way. As an immigrant I have to believe in that and having traveled the world, I know with all my heart that Americans are good. There is much strife, fear mongering and negativity driving political life in America today which is exploited to move the masses to serve very un-American agendas these days and that can be disheartening. But this nothing new, it’s just a byproduct of change. During the industrial revolution there was a wave of traditionalist movements resulting from the anxiety people were feeling. Skilled jobs were losing their importance and modernity was creeping in. Globalism is a fact and the genie will not go back in the bottle. Not only the U.S. but the rest of the first world is experiencing a backlash of populism and tribalism which I believe will pass.” — Amir Parstabar, Chief Commercial Officer of TYLT


“Despite what’s happening at a Federal level (and this was true under Obama as it is under Trump), it’s great to see state governments taking the lead on things like immigration reform, criminal justice reform, climate justice, and education. I think federalism allows most of the country to progress, despite what’s happening at the federal level. Sometimes states are best equipped to experiment with ideas on how to address social issues, and I’m optimistic states will continue leading the way to solving some of our more pressing problems.” — Environmental Attorney Jose Almanzar

Blunt discussion

“What makes me optimistic about the future in the US is the radically open and even blunt discussion currently present in the United States. We sometimes assume this means people in this country are more extreme, but the truth is, the thoughts expressed openly here are present everywhere, although elsewhere they are often more suppressed or hidden. Having them out in the open at all times means they can be questioned, addressed, discussed. The only way out is through — so this openness is far preferable than a veneer of false civility. Even though it can be difficult at times, to say the least.” — Kubilay Uner, Director of Screen Music Composition at Columbia College Chicago

Young generation

“The young generation is smart and ready to change the world. I’m always amazed by listening to the conversations my teenager kids have with their friends: they are so intelligent and mature, and they have a different perspective of the world than we had at their age. They see the wrongs and discuss the way that that can be changed. They volunteer to help families in need, and they stand up for their friends. They give me hope, and they will make America love again.” — Ally Nathaniel, CEO of AN Better Publishing

Quality of talent

“Here in the US, the quality of talent you are surrounded with is unmatched”

Ashutosh Garg, CEO & Co-founder of Eightfold.ai

Women are getting more seats at the table

“I’m optimistic about the US’s future because women are getting more seats at the table. Since 2014, more women than men earn college degrees each year; and while they are increasingly finding a place in tech companies, they are still not fulfilling their share of technical roles. Part of the reason for this is that too many companies are trying to tackle the so-called “pipeline problem” in the wrong places — at work, in the media, via strategic investments — but where they really need to be tackling it is in the eighth grade, when many girls make a final decision as to whether or not to pursue STEM careers. Now that we understand the problem, it’s so encouraging to see so many amazing organizations coming up with programs that target young girls and strive to make a difference. Black Girls Code, Girl Scouts, and public companies like Microsoft all come to mind.” — Ayah Bdeir, Founder and CEO at littleBits

Doers not hierarchy

“In the US, people respect doers, not the hierarchy. I have tried to started my VC journey in Beijing, China before I came to Silicon Valley. But people in China care more about which school you went to, who are your parents, and who you know. Obviously I had nothing, I felt upset in Beijing. I knew I would have no chance to do the things I wanted there and I would have no chance to achieve what I wanted to achieve in my life. I wanted to do my favorite things, and in my own way. I don’t want to cater to other people, I just want to be myself. In the US, I started my first company while I was school when I was 21. Although it was a small company compared to those in Silicon Valley, people still showed me respect. Even though I didn’t attend elite schools and didn’t have any experience, after I grew my track records of investments people started to recognize my true potential. In the US, people recognize a person by their achievements, what they have completed, not where they came from. The man who built Alibaba is from a tier 4 University in China. this giant Chinese tech founder doesn’t even have any tech background; He was an English teacher. The Alibaba team is not an all star team from elite schools, they’re just eager to learn and make things happen no matter how hard it is.” — Chance Du, Founder & CEO of Coefficient Ventures

Most diverse

“We are one of the most diverse countries in the world, if not the most — diversity is empowerment of the people.” — Connie Tang CEO of Princess House


“I’ve met so many positive, open-minded, brilliant and caring people in those six years in the US. I feel that everyone has judged me based on my behavior, thoughts, actions and not based on where I am from or my background. Being open-minded and understanding that all of us just want to be happy are going to help the US a lot in the future.” — Cosmin Bardan

Not afraid to speak up

“Americans are not afraid to speak up. We are very persistent and will join forces to get what we want. And also by being a nation built by Immigrants, we need to use that as an example of compassion, freedom and human beliefs. We need to keep exchanging our cultures with one another and seeing the beautiful spectrum of colors we have. Each one of us have something to add to this society, the government just needs to allow us to show that. Breathing violence is not the way to accomplish success. Success is a sense of pride that we get when our dreams are accomplished and we keep building new dreams. We are a strong nation and we can be even stronger.” — Director and Producer Debora Balardini

Laws before people

“This is a country that obeys the laws. Laws before people. This is a country that provides 3 most important basic things that we as human beings are all searching for: peace, security and fairness. This is a country with a strong Judeo-Christian faith, that encourages people to do good. Overall, America is the greatest country on this planet today? Why? Well, the resounding proof is that while we do have an immigration problem (where everybody comes to come here!), but, we do NOT have an emigration problem at all (where everybody just wants to leave!)” — Dr. Ming Wang

Place where the smartest, most innovative and driven people want to be

Even with all the barriers to get to the U.S., it’s still the place where the smartest, most innovative and driven people want to be. Entrepreneurs from all over the world move here to work together. That, to me, suggests a bright future. — Henrique Dubugras Co-founder of Brex

Minorities more supportive of each other

As bad as it seems like living in the US is right now, especially when viewed through TV and social media clips, it has made more minorities bond together than ever before. I grew up in the 90’s and if you told someone you were from Haiti, you would probably get cracked on. In the last 30 years and specifically this decade, people are aware of the challenges that some individuals face in this country and are now open to conversations about changing those things. They are more supportive of each other and I’m loving it!” — Johane Filemon

The U.S. market is huge in size, without borders between states

“The U.S. market is huge in size, without borders between states. So the market size and opportunity is incredible. Most native-born Americans do not realize that and they focus on their town or city or state when you can go so far beyond.” — Karen Weinstock, Managing Attorney of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers

The people

“What makes me most optimistic about America are its people. Having lived and worked in six countries of very diverse cultures, I can confidently say that American people overall, with their high level of education, excellent productivity and working habits, drive to excel, humanitarian efforts, and their positivity in general, are a huge driving force behind America’s leadership and influence in many areas of life globally.” — Masha Malka — Bestselling Author and Founder of The One Minute Coach

The people part 2

“What makes me optimistic about the US’s future are the good people here. There are people that are vocal with their opinions and make a difference in the community. We don’t all agree, but we all have a voice. Whatever our views are, they should be expressed in a respectful manner and we should also respectfully listen to other views.” — MMA Fighter Jose Alday

Appreciate the little things that are so easy to do in the US

It sounds silly but living abroad makes you appreciate the little things that are so easy to do in the US. Things like mail order clothes or asking your doctor questions during routine appointments; we take these things for granted but they are part of what makes living in the US so wonderful and what other countries aspire toward. — Author Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

Entrepreneurship is on a positive trend

“I am optimistic in that I feel that our current economic climate is improving, which allows for more jobs, lower unemployment rate, and more entrepreneurs to start new ventures. I feel that entrepreneurship is on a positive trend which will create more jobs within the United States and I am looking forward to the innovative products and services that are still to come!” — Nellie Akalp of CorpNet.com


“I’m optimistic about the US’s future because its people are conscientious. The people I work with are hard working, honest people — the overachiever type. The privilege of aging is to choose whom I work with, and I surround myself with great people. America truly is the land of unlimited opportunities, because people will open doors for you if you are good. I am a perfect example of it — a hard working, idealistic person who came with raw talent and no money, followed my dreams and succeeded.” — Composer Penka Kouneva

Communication technology

“Advancements in communication technology make the lines between nations a bit transparent. This opens job opportunities available to everyone via telecommuting. As a business owner, this allows me to easily engage in business without geographic restrictions. I’m optimistic this will open limitless opportunities for the workforce everywhere in America.” — Priska Diaz, Founder & CEO of Bittylab

The active participation of journalists and citizens

“The active participation of journalists and citizens now is the greatest I’ve seen for a long time. The reaction to the Trump administration’s recent family separation policy was so strong and received so much media attention that it invigorated citizens to mobilize and demonstrate. I saw both left and right-leaning media take a stance against this policy. As a result, the administration back-peddled and reversed the policy. I am a bit skeptical on the follow through, but at least we have the voice to make noise and mobilize. That gives me optimism about the US and our future.” — Reem Rahim Hassani, Co-Founder of Numi Organic Tea

No place like the U.S., where you can reinvent yourself

“I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world and I can tell you there’s no place like the U.S., where you can reinvent yourself. The young people in the U.S. have an entrepreneurial spirit and greatness that is incredibly exciting.” — Sean Conlon, Star of the CNBC series “The Deed: Chicago

Strong Economy, Strong Education, and Strong Democracy

Strong economy, Strong education, and Strong Democracy. — Dr. Farouk Shami, Founder and Chairman of Farouk Systems Inc.

Technological progress

The technological progress the US is making or going after will make our lives not just in the US excellent but rest of the world as well. Perhaps soon, the general public will be able to travel to Mars or the moon. Or at least we could go to another state within an hour. — Roosevelt Purification

Anything is possible

Know that anything is possible: The feeling that anything can be achieved. When I am in the USA, I experience that permanent enthusiasm and wish to thrive among ALL of the people I encounter. Everyone is trying to give the best of oneself, and thus, I feel the constant need to be a better version of myself as well. — YiZhou, Founder of YiZhouStudio

Center of innovation

“The US continues to be the center of innovation in the world. Some of the technology advances are already making a difference in addressing some of our biggest challenges. I think Gen Z plus our tech advances will be crucial in addressing big issues like climate change, finding a cure for cancer, and addressing more educational equity.” — Ximena Hartsock, Co-founder of Phone2Action


“More opportunities for inclusion in the media makes me optimistic about the US’s future. This is because a lot of our ability to dream comes from watching others who look like us or we can relate to, who have done it already.” — Vanessa Malzahn Founder of Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits

Millennials are the face of a wide range of humanitarian issues and impactful causes

“Today Millennials are the face of a wide range of humanitarian issues and impactful causes. They are at the forefront of change, and want to make the world and more specifically the country a better place. There is a quote that says, “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.” Millennials are using their voice, and their consumer habits, to make a positive change, one that will result in a positive future in our country.” — Shahd Alasaly Founder of Blue Meets Blue

A generation who is aware of their power and is not afraid to use that power

“What makes me optimistic about the US’s future is my optimism for the next generation. We’re really seeing a massive shift in how younger people think in terms of being aware that ultimately we are all just one human race with imaginary borders between us. Social media has forced younger people to grow up more quickly, and that has its cons as well, but one of the pros is that you have a generation who is aware of their power and is not afraid to use that power. These kids don’t just lock themselves in a room and blast music when they’re angry — they spring into action and make real, tangible changes.” — Recording Artist Sebastian Hex

We are the United States of America

We are the United States of America :-) — Attorney Gustavo Mayen

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