400 Tips To Master Your Email and Have a Stress-Free Inbox

Yitzi Weiner
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112 min readSep 20, 2018

More than 400 Email Tips From 85 Email Pros

By Yitzi Weiner, Founder of Authority Magazine and Thought Leader Incubator

If you are like most of us, you probably look at your email and get stressed out. An email inbox represents a to do list that you have to do, but you really didn’t have control over. Other people are essentially deciding your schedule. For some people, they can spend an entire day replying to emails and not get any work done.

But email remains an essential work tool. How can we balance the benefits of email, against its potential drawbacks? How can we avoid email overload and not let email be a source of stress in our life?

I reached out to 85 successful professionals who have developed an effective email strategy. Together we have 400 tips to effectively manage emails.

I hope you enjoy these and that you can find some wisdom nuggets to improve your life.

Audrey Morrissey, Executive Producer of The Voice

Audrey Morrissey is an executive producer and the creative force behind The Voice, NBC’s four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series. Morrissey’s roots are in music television. A veteran of MTV, she spent nine years at the network in their music and specials division working on their high-profile music series and annual event specials, such as Unplugged, VMAs, and Movie Awards.

My Top 5 Tips to Manage Emails

1. I calendar my time for responding to emails like I do my personal schedule and my meetings. By having a designated time blocked at intervals throughout the day, I know I’ll be able to read through my emails and respond to those of greatest priority. Plus, with several times blocked during the day, I’ll have time allocated even when my schedule shifts and one of those periods is taken away for a more pressing issue.

Yitzi Weiner
Authority Magazine

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