“5 Things We Can Each Do Help Solve The Loneliness Epidemic” With Relationship Expert and Therapist Audrey Hope

Fotis Georgiadis
Oct 13 · 15 min read

Our technological age has empowered us and increased our freedom and ability to organize and learn and help each other. The advancements have been breathtaking and life-altering. Yet it has also caused serious problems of isolation and alienation and the statics are not out yet on the damage! Social media is dangerous. In an instant, as we turn on the internet, we believe that everyone but us is at their happiest. Everyone is living and doing well, but we are not. It is a harmful false reality with damaging belief systems that we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, young enough, and we need to be fixed! We self-criticize and find new reasons to be unhappy and alone. We compare ourselves to others. We have destructive points of view and thought processes. We spend more time on social media with our computers and less time in the real world, eating ice-cream, talking to real people and connecting! Real eye to eye connections! It is time to get outside and have a relationship with nature and fresh air.

I had the pleasure to interview Audrey Hope, D.D.. Audrey is an award-winning certified addiction therapist and holds a Doctor of Divinity degree, who uses her abilities as a clairvoyant psychic medium to heal patients from trauma. A multi-talented force in the healing arts for over 20 years, Audrey Hope’s gentle-but-firm approach in addiction and relationships gets to the ‘root of the root’ to solve problems through spiritual modalities as she guides patients to freedom using a new frontier of healing to achieve inner peace. She has her own practice in the heart of Brentwood, CA, is the host of her weekly YouTube advice show “Hope For Relationships,” and is also an addiction therapist at Seasons In Malibu rehab facility. Throughout two decades in her field, Audrey has worked with an abundance of celebrities, producers, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, authors, athletes, heirs, and more — helping them cope with their relationship and/or addiction problems. In addition, her work in healing has landed her the Governors Award Certificate of Recognition — WOMEN OF WEALTH AWARD. Audrey is the winner of multiple Telly Awards for her YouTube shows on social issues and cultural programming. She was the first to bring the issue of Female Circumcision to TV and was honored with the Communicator Award in 2018. Featured for both her expertise in love and relationships, as well as her knowledge in trauma healing, Audrey has been seen in top tier media like Fox News, MSN, Reader’s Digest, Medical Daily, Glamour, Bustle, Livestrong, Redbook, Elite Daily, Martha Stewart Wedding, Bride Magazine, Popsugar, Shape Magazine and much more. Audrey is a columnist for Voices of Hope in Awareness Magazine and will be releasing her first book, Hope for Relationships — The Invocation for True Love, tackling the science of true love and how to summon it, later this year. For more information on Audrey Hope, please click here.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you share your “backstory” with us? What was it that led you to your eventual career choice?

My life did not start with a plan to be a “Soul Healer,” (because I didn’t even know what that was) but it evolved naturally because of my dedication to become a master of myself and to learn the secrets of the universe. The search for spiritual power and truth was so intense that through the years, I met spiritual teachers who guided me through karmic lessons and fires of purification. There was never a choice for me. I had to follow the higher yellow brick road wherever it led and rise to the challenge to become my divine self and help the world get ready for the “new earth.” The yearning and gnawing in my heart was also a call to live up to my name Audrey (which means Nobel Spirit) Hope.

The journey eventually took me to a famous rehab in Malibu where I was hired as a Spiritual Counselor and to the opening of my practice in Brentwood and to developing TV shows to empower. I want to give all the knowledge away, so I document revolutionary ways to heal on my youtube channel- YouTube/audreyhopenow.

Today I am known as “The Buster,” “The Soul Analyst,” who aims to help people heal at the deep “root of the soul “at whatever level is necessary — this life, past life, the other side, karma, soul contracts, life purpose, and energy. Always the New Yorker, I am also quick, to the point — with no b.s.

For over 2 decades and counting, I have had the privilege to work with Celebrities, CEOs Leaders and Politicians and people from all walks of life who are suffering from trauma and pain. I feel honored to get to witness their quick transformation.

Before this career, I was acting and working in a women’s clothing store. I asked the universe “why did you put me here?” and the answer came — I got to watch and listen to women. No matter what size or shape — women were never happy with themselves — never feeling good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, young enough! This hard evidence of women’s lack of self-esteem and the pain it caused in everyday life, made me think deeply about the spiritual crimes against women. I began linking her pain and lack of self-love to her story that was erased from history, and the horrendous way she is portrayed and treated in society and the media.

I had to do something about this and go on TV and tell women they were being influenced. I wanted to use the media as an empowerment tool and invite everyone into a revolution in perception. (Many years ago, spiritual TV was frowned upon, so I felt like a lone ranger.) I dreamt of the name “Real Women” and the mission statement- a TV show dedicated to creating positive female role models in the media and life-altering perspectives that can transform our world. My guests were leaders of our age, visionaries and pioneers who still inspire us to this day — Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Susan Jeffers, Joan Borysenko, Riane Eisler, Judith Orloff, and many others. I won several awards for blazing a trail of cultural and spiritual significance.

People came to my living room for healing and they brought their friends and again I asked the universe…“What is going on, “what is next for me?” I did a soul experiment and waited on God. Then I got a phone call from a friend who asked me to take a ride with her to see a rehab in Malibu and I eventually got hired at this Rehab Facility & so, the healing journey began and advances.

I named my work Spiritual Soul Counseling — a magical process to heal beyond the rational mind the 5 senses and the traditional boundaries of therapy into the “root of the root” of the soul where real transformation takes place. Otherwise, if you stay in the mind, you can write a thesis on your issues but you won’t heal. Soul Healing inspires a full alchemical change and a return to the divine truth of our power (that was taken from us)- that we are magical multidimensional beings who can heal ourselves and the world.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you started your career?

There are so many magical stories (too many to count) of miracles and transformation on this path. It has been an honor to sit with people in pain and help them on their sacred journey of healing. An example of how divine surrender can manifest dreams — is a story about me when I was looking for my soulmate. I did all the healing work on relationships and then surrendered to a higher matchmaker, higher guidance that could lead me to my destiny. One day, I felt a nudging on my shoulder and a whisper in my ear that told me to go on an online dating site. I was led to this man on PlentyofFish.com and now he is my husband. There were so many other things that manifested “out of the blue”, when I stopped thinking, when I let go of control and when I deeply surrendered and employed a higher team of helpers.

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? How do you think that will help people?

I am finishing my book, “The Invocation for True Love” a book about manifesting true love and the science of relationships. No one left us a manual about the game of life and how to play it and so I have studied people for over 20 years and charted the laws for calling in great love.

It will help the world because it is a simple way to navigate healthy relationships. If you do the work, you will have it. It is that easy and it is my wish for people to get what they want and understand how life and manifestation work.

Can you share with our readers a bit why you are an authority about the topic of the Loneliness Epidemic?

I have the honor to work with people every day on their issues and problems and in doing this sacred job, I have found that everyone suffers the same. We are all on the journey and one of the fears we share is loneliness. I love the way a spiritual scope can change the way we view our pain, and so from higher perspective loneliness can be energy, fuel for enlightenment and transformation. If you sit with people for 20 years, you learn the patterns and the truth of what we suffer from.

Ok, thank you for that. Let’s now jump to the main focus of our interview. According to this story in Forbes, loneliness is becoming an increasing health threat not just in the US, but across the world. Can you articulate for our readers 3 reasons why being lonely and isolated can harm one’s health?

  • Negative feelings can make you sick. We are moving into a powerful period where science is catching up with spirituality and embracing the wisdom of the ancients that everything is energy. Everything vibrates, moves and spins and as Tesla and Einstein have shown — to understand the secrets of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. Positive energy is lighter, spins faster and causes the cells to vibrate at a higher frequency. Negative energy vibrates lower and is denser and causes disease and disharmony. Our emotions affect the subconscious so loneliness, as a sad state of mind- is bad for the body.
  • Loneliness affects perception. It is a frightening way of seeing the world that makes one feel sad, unloved and unwanted and therefore disrupts the regulation of the cellular process in our bodies. Feeling alone causes depression, higher stress levels, chronic inflammation, and ideations toward suicide. Lonely people are more prone to diabetes and stroke and developing Alzheimer’s. It is harder to sleep when you are lonely and depressed. Good health requires good habits of eating and exercise and social community. Isolating and thinking negative thoughts is physically not good for you.
  • In the law of vibration, everything and everyone has their vibrational frequency and vibratory rate. Each cell has its resonant sound. It was Winifred Otto Schumann, the German scientist who taught the world that every system in the universe generates different frequency signatures. In 1940 he discovered Schumann Resonance- earth produced a steady pulse that could be measured at 7.83 Hz. And certain frequencies and vibration and sounds can create miracles and DNA repair. Tesla stated that if you could eliminate certain frequencies that interfere with our bodies, we could lower disease. So whatever energy we put out, we attract more of the same. High frequency brings us back to the original tones of the heavenly spheres and divine balance and negativity and feelings cause dense energy and disease. Loneliness is a low frequency and to heal we must raise above depression to 538 Hz or above to get back to balance. Joy is a frequency that can restore the damage and heal and so the opposite is true.

On a broader societal level, in which way is loneliness harming our communities and society?

We heal, grow and evolve in groups. Loneliness isolates and keeps us all separate and apart. We need human contact and connection and to communicate by looking someone right in the eye. Loneliness is dangerous on a spiritual level because it does the one thing that keeps us all disempowered- it conjures up- self-doubt which is a crime against the self. Divide and conquer is the biggest trick to keep us out of the light and knowledge of who we are and what we carry. Masters and leaders and spiritual teachers have a rule of power, never turn against yourself! Never criticize or feel you are not good enough. Loneliness can make you think too much and, in that space, you can criticize, and start believing false things about who you are. When we turn against ourselves, we won’t join and create together! We will stay isolated in our rooms with our computers and feel bad and depressed.

The irony of having a loneliness epidemic is glaring. We are living in a time where more people are connected than ever before in history. Our technology has the power to connect billions of people in one network, in a way that was never possible. Yet despite this, so many people are lonely. Why is this?

Our technological age has empowered us and increased our freedom and ability to organize and learn and help each other. The advancements have been breathtaking and life-altering. Yet it has also caused serious problems of isolation and alienation and the statics are not out yet on the damage!

Social media is dangerous. In an instant, as we turn on the internet, we believe that everyone but us is at their happiest. Everyone is living and doing well, but we are not. It is a harmful false reality with damaging belief systems that we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, young enough, and we need to be fixed! We self-criticize and find new reasons to be unhappy and alone. We compare ourselves to others. We have destructive points of view and thought processes. We spend more time on social media with our computers and less time in the real world, eating ice-cream, talking to real people and connecting! Real eye to eye connections! It is time to get outside and have a relationship with nature and fresh air.

Can you share 3 of the main reasons why we are facing a loneliness epidemic today? Please give a story or an example for each.

This period has been called the Age of Aquarius, the time of the prophesied new earth, the resurrection — when we are all invited to ascend. It is wake up a time where We crucify to resurrect, we alchemize and turn humanness into divinity. The world and the people have no choice in this powerful period — but to look within and go towards love and peace. There is no place to run and hide to deny the truth of what we must see and heal.

We are facing loneliness because the world has gotten away from our authentic true self and become superficial and lost. We are suffering and in pain from the isolation and it is a call to do something about it.

We cannot stay a superficial and uncaring nation. The loneliness is an epidemic that can be a call for change. We need each other and as a group, we can bring in the new earth. If we use the pain to grow and find each other.

There is a yearning for real connection. Machines, computers, and technology can only take us so far. We need self-realization- which is to feel divinity on our central nervous system and collective consciousness. On the internet, we can pretend, but it will leave us wanting. Loneliness through empowering and amazing, can’t be a warm hug and real friend. The pendulum must swing back to real people with real connections and real feelings.

Ok. it is not enough to talk about problems without offering possible solutions. In your experience, what are the 5 things each of us can do to help solve the Loneliness Epidemic? Please give a story or an example for each.

  1. Change perspective. Everyone needs to lift beyond the rational mind, into a higher dimension with spiritual scope, to see that we are so much more than this life. We are all one and not alone. Everything serves the higher good and the evolution of the soul and we need space and sacred alone time — without distractions so we can connect to that “still small voice within” Without noise and the business of life, we can find out who we are as the light. In every modality to inner peace, one needs quiet time to connect and feel a higher presence. This is holy space to reboot and clear your inner computer to zero-point and begin again. Even in Feng Shui which is about utilizing energy to manifest your dreams, you have to throw out everything and be in empty clear space to call in the new life.
  2. Loneliness is a wakeup call, an opportunity to begin again and transform and evolve. It can inspire you to go out and start a new life. The unhappiness is the fuel. Your new life purpose can be about giving back and helping others. You can’t know the truth of your life’s mission unless everything is out of your way and you are free to hear guidance and truth.
  3. A chance to heal and get to know yourself. If you are with you, undisturbed and not distracted- then you can spend sacred time healing and look within. You can study and learn and grow. In this precious alone time, you can look within your soul and do a life review and find out what matters to you and what you want to do with the rest of your life. It is a valuable launching pad to new life
  4. You can dream and create a life plan. What do you want to do? Who you want to do it with? What qualities do you want in a new mate? What boundaries are important? Only when you are stripped and forced to your knees and called to face yourself in space, can you begin to build what is truly your life path and dream?
  5. Writing or create a great work of art. In this passionate time, you can do all the things you said you wanted to do and create what you always wanted to create. Is it writing, painting, drawing, singing? Great art and great music are born in alone space and time.

If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good for the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. :-)

I wish for people to understand that the new earth and the golden age must happen with the return of the goddess to her power. It is time to set the record straight and give women back her self-esteem and her throne. When the woman is back in her power, the world can fulfill the golden age prophesy of a new earth, balanced and equal men and women joining together to heal the earth.

“Her Re-Evolution” is a movement dedicated to a revolution in perception and a renaissance of her soul. A movement — resurrecting the goddess within and restoring herstory in history. For when we honor again the inner beauty and power of being a real woman, a queen, when she regains the sovereignty of herself, the men and the world will follow. For when she holds the royalty of her power, when she becomes the lighthouse, and inspires others to do the same.

The healing movement is simple, she can awaken and transform in about 20 minutes if you tell women the truth, the things she needs to know. The life-saving info is that she has been influenced and she can now embrace feminine law, empowering vows of self — love. She must decree- I am now ready to transform. I will not wait on anyone or ask anyone for permission. My words are “No” and “Enough”.

“Her Re-Evolution” is a movement to embrace the profound wisdom that women are and always will be the enlightening strength of every civilization. By restoring the image of womanhood, we pay honor to her mothering energy of love and compassion and thus the spiritual survival of the world. As stated in the Vedic scriptures the degree to which women are respected, is the degree to which society prospers. Respect for women humanizes a society.

“Her Re-Evolution” will be about a queen who took back their throne.

She must now rise, wake up, and transform into the full restitution of her holy power.

Triumphant she reigns with the royal truth that women are and always will be the healing elixir of the planet.

The world needs enlightenment and a higher truth- to one’s inner power. This is about the re-evolution, back to our original blueprint as multidimensional light beings with the power to heal ourselves and the world. “Her Re-evolution” will be about the woman getting back her story in his story, and to know the truth of her goddess power. My life’s work is dedicated to helping the world with the right manual- the gamebook on how to win at life. The rules and boundaries of self-love and power. To stop conditioning and lies and enable the higher truth of who we are and what we carry.

We are blessed that some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US with whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this if we tag them :-)

I would love to meet Hilary Clinton to ask her how she dared to survive what she had to go through? I would love to learn how she stood strong on the stage while being challenged by a bully. I would love to know her process of getting back up. What an inspiration and one I would like to learn.

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Thank you so much for these insights. This was so inspiring and so important!

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