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5 Things You Should Do To Build a Trusted and Believable Brand”, with Kyle Slager, Founder of Raken

Uncover your brand promise and align the organization around it. What is compelling, differentiating and true about the solution or service your company provides? What are you promising to deliver to your customers every time they interact with you? You need to be able to articulate this and deliver on it at every customer touchpoint. This is the hard work of brand-building, and it’s an organizational exercise, not just a department exercise.

  1. Put the focus on your customers, not you. Make sure your strategies are driven by customer insight and that you understand them deeply and are solving their biggest problems daily. If you want to show that you can be trusted to solve a customer’s problems you’d do well to start with the actual customers, writing about their problems and how you solved them. You’ll demonstrate immediate authenticity because it shows you’ve put in the work.
  2. Create valuable content. As you’re building your brand don’t just write blogs and make webpages all about your product. Offer a solution to a problem you know your clients have that isn’t necessarily directly related to what your business does. They’ll appreciate the fact that you took the time to research and provide an answer to this problem they’ve been having. It’s an unselfish way to show that you care about their problems, whether it benefits you or not.
  3. Share your success stories and growth. If you’re a small company the whole point is to grow, so share that with your customers. They’ll feel good that you’re growing because you’ll be giving them the feeling that they got in on the ground floor of something that is going to be big. That kind of growth and excitement is contagious. Just don’t forget what made you special in the first place as you grow.
  4. Share your company culture. Young companies are great places to be because there’s this feeling of camaraderie and doing something new and different. So take videos around your office and post them on your social channels. Your customers will immediately feel connected and you’ll be showing a little personality that makes you more relatable.



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