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“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, So A Brand Must Be Meticulously Managed To Maintain Consistency” With Penny Green

“I love the culture in this industry. It’s a feel-good industry and there are so many fantastic people that are not just motivated by profit, but are making a difference in the world. Further, there are so many brilliant, smart people working to drive this industry forward, and it is just amazing to be able to work with such high caliber groups. “

  1. Cannabis is going to disrupt the wellness industry in a major way, and disruptive industries are exactly where I like to play.
  2. The cannabis industry also has this very unique and authentic culture, with such huge support for creativity. I believe that the emergence of this industry is going to have a major impact on fashion, art and culture at large.
  1. Over-regulation could stifle innovation in this emerging industry, which can be very dangerous. The fact that the Liquor Control Board of Ontario for example will be in cannabis distribution could get in the way of independent entrepreneurs.
  2. There are many large facilities which receive a lot of fanfare, and while many of these are great businesses, less recognized are the many smaller facilities that are really committed to quality. Those smaller facilities are also a great type of business to focus on.
  1. Understand your customer: Whether you’re B2B or B2C, develop a tailored customer experience. Understanding the kind of experience and interaction that each type of customer prefers will make buying from you stand out. It has to be as easy and as seamless as possible for customers today.
  2. Looking beyond Canada: You should understand the global market beyond Canada and be prepared for when this market continues to open up in the rest of the world. Securing those partnerships early like we have done with Crop Infrastructure Corp. will set companies up for success.
  3. Positioning your brands: This means really not only understanding your own brands, but understanding how they fit into the bigger picture = the grander scheme of the industry. What do your brands mean to your customers and how are they differentiated? What value do you provide that is different than everything else that is out there?
  4. Visuals and consistency: A picture is worth a thousand words — so always keep in mind that once you have the identity of those brands figured out, they must be meticulously managed to maintain consistency so that your customers will have a consistent experience on every level.



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