Author Vanessa Osage: “How to write a book that sparks a movement”

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12 min readDec 4, 2020


Be authentic and imperfect — I understand by now that inspiring people is more effective when I also take the risk to name my own weak spots. We need to maintain boundaries on what we share and how to offer up tender things. Yet, sharing only the courage or bravery leaves people on the outside of a message, since we all struggle. One reader told me she most appreciated my courage in writing on the ways I’d suffered after hardship. Then, she was more invested in the story and compelled to keep reading. I’m learning it’s more of a gift when we honor the full spectrum of our authentic experience.

As part of my series about “How to write a book that sparks a movement” I had the great pleasure of interviewing Vanessa Osage.

Vanessa Osage is on a mission to leave this world better than she found it. She is a Certified Sexuality Educator, Consultant & Professional Coach. A two-time Nonprofit Founder, Vanessa Osage is President of The Amends Project, with a mission to “mend the loophole”, and creator of The Justice CORPS Initiative. In 2017, she won the Kickass Single Mom Award for her work in sexuality education and youth rites of passage. Her essays have been featured in Circles on the Mountain, The Confluence Journal, Role Reboot & more. “Can’t Stop the Sunrise” is her first book.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you share the “backstory” about how you grew up?

So, I grew up north of Boston in the 1980s, one of five kids, in a small New England town. I was a tomboy among my three brothers, into climbing trees, horseback riding, and playing in the dirt. There was a Catholic Church in our small town, and most people there knew my family. I eventually attended Catholic grade school, and later, an elite college-prep boarding school in rural Massachusetts. It was there I had an early insight into the inner-workings of corruption at the institutional…