Authority Magazine Snapshots: Devon Ryan of “Murder Made Me Famous”

Devon grew up in a small town in Texas and currently resides in Austin, TX. His acting & modeling career started when he started creating commercials for his technology startups. Since then, he has worked with big brand names such as theCHIVE, Ford Motors, TrunkClub, GSD&M and more. He recently was featured on the television show Murder Made Me Famous.

Thank you for joining us. Can you share your top 3 acting tips?

1. Acting is “”Re-acting””: The worst thing an actor can do is to be in their head, not listening and reacting to the other actor. To get out of your head, focus your attention on the other actor and pick out details about them, i.e. their eye color, clothing and tone of voice

2. Be relaxed to be made uncomfortable - Craig Nigh: As an actor, your job is to build tension with the other actor. This tension is what the audience comes to watch. The best way you can do this is to make yourself vulnerable.

3. Auditioning is a different beast: The audition process is different than acting. You have to book the room, not just the role. Understand that there are so many variables that are out of your control, so the best thing you can do is to show them that you are insanely capable, likable and easy to work with. By doing this, the casting director will find a way to get you that part or find another part for you. Give them your best audition and forget about it when you leave the room.