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Ben McLaughlan of Easy Mode Media: Second Chapters; How I Reinvented Myself In The Second Chapter Of My Life

Don’t always be so critical of myself. While I understand my weaknesses, both in personal and business aspects of my life, understanding it takes time to grow and improve things takes time. That mindset is important when the frustrating days set in.

  1. Be organized from day 1 — Something I’ve always had trouble with is staying organized when I get busy and overwhelmed with work. Until I started planning out my days, weeks and months, my time would be wasted jumping around between clients’ websites.
  2. Networking is key to growing — Growing by helping and connecting with others is much easier. Getting your name out there to potential clients is much easier when you have a bunch of people willing to refer you. I’ve had so many referrals at this point, it’s hard to think where I would be without my network.
  3. Focus on how your service helps others grow — Understanding that potential clients are looking to solve their problems was one of the missing pieces in my marketing strategy. Once I began to identify common questions my clients had, such as “how long does SEO take to see results?”, it becomes much easier to solve the problems people are having.
  4. Don’t forget to work on your business, not just in your business — Working on your business is crucial to helping your business grow. I read this tip in a basic ‘how to start a business’ book and it stuck with me. I block out an hour every single day to work on my business.



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Pirie Jones Grossman

TedX Speaker, Influencer, Bestselling Author and former TV host for E! Entertainment Television, Fox Television, NBC, CBS and ABC.