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Cathy Spaas of Cathy Spaas Academy: Five Things You Need To Create a Highly Successful Career As a Life or Business Coach

First of all, your business needs to work for you, not the other way around. You can do this by building your business in a way that makes you happy, so that all aspects of your life are fulfilled. As a coach it’s of great interest to you to lead by example and that means living what you advocate.

  1. I’ve always been ambitious and driven in everything I did, it seemed that I just needed to find the right direction to focus all that energy, so I could thrive in living my soul’s mission. Having a strong focus on your goals really helps you to keep moving forward when the road gets tough, so use your ambition as the fuel for your journey.
  2. Authenticity is most definitely what helped me grow to become a successful coach quickly after I just started. Especially high sensitive people can feel instantly when someone isn’t being their true self, e.g. to impress others. We see right through the B.S, that’s why I was able to attract a lot of clients fast; I was being honest and giving real value, I was giving personal examples and speaking from my heart, which resonated with my ideal clients. Don’t try to hide yourself, when the world can learn so much from you by just showing up as your beautiful and authentic self.
  • visualizations and a vision board
  • writing before I go to bed in my gratitude journal
  1. Confront Your Fear
    Don’t let fear or resistance overcome you, because it can take over your thoughts, making you freeze and preventing you from taking action. Take smaller steps, so it doesn’t feel like you have to conquer an entire mountain, but you can just do this one little thing now. Train your brain by managing your thoughts, and move them away from bringing you down. When you feel paralyzed in taking a certain action step, give yourself the answer to this question: ‘Why would it be great if I do this right now?’ and move forwards from there on.
  2. Get Out Of Your Own Way
    Working as a coach is a soul mission, and it’s important to keep in mind that this is never about you as a person. You are just the conduit, but in fact it’s all about your client. By turning the attention away from yourself and towards your client, you instantly remove the pressure from yourself. I teach actors and singers/DJ’s this exact same thing: ‘It’s about connecting with the feeling that you want to provide for your audience.’ This can help you to get out of your own head, and straight into alignment.
  3. Shift Your Limiting Beliefs
    Limiting beliefs can subconsciously keep holding you back. Notice if you are taking the right action towards the right people — yes, the “right” people, because when you want to serve everyone, you are serving no one — nothing is happening. There is an underlying belief holding you back from achieving your desired result. Write down what you believe about this situation and get clear on which limiting belief is behind this conviction. Work on the emotion that you connect to this belief and conviction, and start shifting that towards the vision you do want to see, feel, and experience for yourself. By connecting thoughts to emotions, you can shift underlying challenges a lot easier and faster! 😉
  4. Energy, Energy, Energy
    It’s all about energy! Everything is energy, and so are we, we function like a magnet, attracting exactly what our vibration is set to. The laws of the universe aren’t prejudiced, so they will not interfere, and therefore simply follow your strongest vibration. You create your own vibration with the frequency of your thoughts. Are you worrying about why things aren’t working out for you, then that sets the tone for your vibration and you will attract more of the same. This is just simple physics, but a tremendous powerful tool to consciously implement in your day to day life to help you attract the things you DO want.
  • Are you eating healthily?
  • Do you work out or have enough movement?
  • Go outside! Enjoy the beauty and healing aspects of nature. It’s there and it’s free.
  • Integrate your mindset work every day yourself, start your day with some breathing work
  • Be grateful about everything you have
  • Celebrate small wins!
  • Give yourself a break when you need it, and don’t bring yourself down while doing it



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