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Celebrity Inventors: Adrienne Smith of Gridiron Queendom On How To Go From Idea To Store Shelf

Public relations strategy is critical. You can have the best game on Earth, Mars and Venus, but if no one knows about your game, then you have nothing. Find a good PR partner and secure coverage across a variety of media to garner the highest possible amount of interest from your different target audiences.

  1. Optimize social media. Everyone loves social media, so do your best in capturing your audience there. I probably spent 8 months of my life researching and watching webinars on Facebook advertising alone, in order to determine an efficient advertising strategy. It definitely paid off, and it’s never too soon to start learning.
  2. Create an Amazon strategy. Amazon is a great partner in that they have significant reach, but there are things to know as well before getting started. For example, I got slammed with Amazon storage fees. It would have behooved me to be aware of some issues before starting with any online retailer.
  3. Learning quickly is challenging, but necessary. I have always been a fast learner, but as an entrepreneur, sometimes it’s faster than you think. My dad taught me how to ride a bike, one week with training weeks, and the next week the training wheels came off. I ran into a thorn bush, but this experience made me learn quickly how to brake!
  4. Have fun with the process. You want to achieve success, but it’s important to have fun with the process. I’m grateful to be both a professional athlete and entrepreneur, both aspects of my life which require an incredible amount of work — but bring me great joy and gratitude as well.



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