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Dave Dickert Of Branded Bills: Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Began Leading My Company

Just keep going. Try, fail, learn, innovate, and keep going.

  1. The people are going be the success of your company. There’s a lot of automation now, which is absolutely a part of the equation. But at the end of the day, you’re going to have to bring in the right people, and those investments will quickly pay for themselves — especially when you need to hire for crucial roles. You might wince at the prices, but when you hire right your life becomes significantly easier. You won’t have to hold their hand, and they’ll teach you instead of you teaching them. It’s organic and magnetic — and something I’m really proud of when it comes to my team at Branded Bills.
  2. Invest in networking and relationships outside of your business. There’s been a lot of times where I’m stuck, trying to figure out if I’m on an island by myself and wondering if I am the only one thinking about a certain issue or situation. In those times, and countless others, being able to reach out to fellow business owners is a true gift — and one you need to utilize to find success. To be able to ask, “Hey, here’s the issue. How do you guys handle this?” is priceless.
  3. Don’t worry about the competition or if they going to steal ideas, because the truth is they just might, and sometimes they even will. If they were thinking of doing it, they’ll likely do it. Why not pull some information from them and try to go for it yourself? I’ve had people that I’ve gone to with new business opportunities for partnership and collaboration. We turn around and a year later, they’re ripping us off. But they’re not doing it faster than us, or at higher quality than us, because they are not Branded Bills. I’m not worried about it, because I’m focused on, and confident in, what we are doing.
  4. Just keep going. Try, fail, learn, innovate, and keep going.



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