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Dr. Sara Smith: Getting An Upgrade; How Anyone Can Build Habits For Optimal Wellness, Performance, & Focus

Core awareness is another incredible practice to attain optimal focus. Bringing people back to the wisdom of their core is a large part of the work I do with clients. We have been hardwired to seek external approval and advice and we are often unable to focus because we have twenty well intended voices yapping at us to “do it this way.” Core awareness is the habit of bringing the minds awareness inward, to the center of the body and asking ourselves what needs to be focused on? The answer is always taking a path of least resistance and if we can keep our mind on that inner wisdom shared with us, focus becomes much less of a forced activity.

  1. Having an enjoyable and simple movement practice that allows hormone rebalancing. I used to be an avid runner. I still love running, but as I studied more about hormone balancing and stress management coupled with tuning into the messages of my body, I learned some days I needed more intense movement and some days I needed light, fluid stretching movement. As I began to look at the whole picture of my mind and body wellness I could decide each day what felt like a supportive movement practice. Now I have significantly less anxiety and fewer sleep disturbances or other hormonal symptoms.
  2. Having a spiritual practice that may include a variety of activities such as reading, journaling, mindfulness, meditation etc. This habit seems to be the one everyone wants to try (or wants to add on) but often is the hardest to implement. I have run across this personally too when it comes to my meditative practice. I can find so many other wonderful things to fill time. So, my lifehack includes downloading a meditation timer, such as Insight Timer, and setting the timer for 1, 2 or 3 minutes max! The smaller the goal, the more success I have, the more I feel the positive effects and more likely I am to do it again later or tomorrow. To the brain, the smaller the task the less threatening it is to habitual “more important” tasks! Since it didn’t threaten my productivity or take away from caring for others, the brain can calm down and realize it is a supportive activity.



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