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Dylan Howard Of EvolPro On How To Take Your Company From Good To Great

Peace of mind is always better than more money.

  1. Invest in your employees. When you’re starting out as a business, it is extremely hard to take care of employees the way they deserve. But for those who stick with you through thick and thin, when the day comes that your business becomes great, make sure your employees know you are grateful for their work. This goes beyond a ping pong table and the occasional work lunch. We are talking about salaries that provide a future. A fun and positive work environment, benefits, etc. There are many companies with massive income but have extreme employee turnover which prevents them from reaching the highest levels.
  2. Take a break. There is more to life than working. I know some people live to work and it is all they want to do. However, most people work to provide a good life for themselves, family, and others. In that pursuit, you will work so much to create a successful business that you will burn yourself out. At one point, you will be filled with fog, ready to go home, but the need to work will impede that. Make sure you relax, it is okay if your schedule is off a little bit, or you take a day for yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so make sure you enjoy it!
  3. Be willing to learn from others. Every great business is willing to learn and listen to others for guidance. Usually, there is a board of directors that discusses issues, new ideas, programs, and so on and they all give their thoughts and advice. After a discussion and making a mutual decision, the company moves forward. You can’t be a one-person show forever, there is only so much you can handle by yourself. If you feel the need to control everything yourself you will quickly cap your business’s success.
  4. Do not compare your business to others. It is very common for businesses to compare their business to the success of others. How come I am not as big as them? What am I doing wrong? Am I a failure? These are just a few of the questions that will probably pass through your mind. Let me start off by saying enjoy the ride! Every entrepreneur’s journey is different. Some may become the next Steve Jobs, or the biggest firm in your industry, and others may just be generally successful but aren’t Tesla or some other major company. The point is to enjoy your journey, or even journey’s for the serial entrepreneurs!



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