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Editor’s List: Authority Magazine’s Favorite ‘Five Things Videos’ About Second Chapters; How I Reinvented Myself In The Second Chapter Of My Life (Part Eight)

Many successful people reinvented themselves in a later period in their life. Jeff Bezos worked in Wall Street before he reinvented himself and started Amazon. Sara Blakely sold office supplies before she started Spanx. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a WWE wrestler before he became a successful actor and filmmaker. Arnold Schwarzenegger went from a bodybuilder, to an actor to a Governor. McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc was a milkshake-device salesman before starting the McDonalds franchise in his 50’s. How does one reinvent themselves? What hurdles have to be overcome to take life in a new direction? How do you overcome those challenges? How do you ignore the naysayers? How do you push through the paralyzing fear?

Authority Magazine started a series called “Second Chapters: How I Reinvented Myself In The Second Chapter Of My Life”. We interviewed and featured successful people who reinvented themselves in a second chapter in life, to share their story and help empower others.

Some of the leaders we interviewed put together some fantastic videos sharing their five tips. Please enjoy these videos and interviews below.

Cindy Childress, The Expert’s Ghostwriter

Dr. Cindy Childress, The Expert’s Ghostwriter, is a ghostwriter and writing course creator for trailblazers and leaders that want to write books that make money and make an impact. Her business, Childress Business Communication, took bronze for Most Innovative Company of the Year for the Stevie Awards for Women in Business 2020. Her clients go on to achieve bestseller status, give TEDx Talks, and win book awards. Cindy holds a Ph. D. in English from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and spends her spare time fostering rescue cats and dogs with Rescued Pets Movement.

The complete interview can be read here:

Cheryl Broughton, Your Epic Encore

Cheryl Broughton is the author of the best-selling book, “Your Epic Encore — It’s Never Too Late,” and teaches women over age 40 how to dissolve mental blocks, rewrite their story, and create one heck of an EPIC encore!

After being diagnosed with advanced arthritis in her 40s and told she needed both knees replaced, she opted out of surgery, changed her food intake, and took up one of the most challenging forms of exercise — Aerial Arts Fitness.

Cheryl has been a producer of a mind and body health and fitness TV Show, founder of a 7x award-winning mind and body boot camp, co-founder of a wellness company, and provides online mindset courses and private coaching at

The complete interview can be read here:

Connie Inukai, Grandmapreneur

Connie Inukai retired from teaching Technical Writing at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University for almost four decades. For her “second act”, she became an inventor, a “Grandmapreneur,” an author (“How I got My Product on QVC, The Today Show, The View, and More…In Retirement”), a speaker, and a caregiver to two young grandchildren. She is now working on her “third act” as the creator of Write Your Selfie, a program to help people write their life story in pictures.

The complete interview can be read here:

Jo Living, Fertility Circle

Jo Living is co-founder and COO of Fertility Circle — a one-stop app that helps navigate the path to parenthood. She is a reformed Investment Banker who found meditation and spirituality on her path to entrepreneurship and wellbeing. She brings a unique blend of “kick-ass meets woo-woo”, also demonstrated by her love of both poker and yoga. She lives in North London with her husband, her 4 year old son and about 3 tonnes of Lego.

The complete interview can be read here:

Eric Harrison

For over 33 years, Eric worked in, managed, and owned his family’s women’s wholesale shoe business. In 2019 he made the decision to leave the only career he had ever known to venture out on his own. What started out as a curiosity and checking something off of his bucket list, turned into a calling that Eric would have never discovered had he not made the first bold move to leave his lifelong career behind.

The complete interview can be read here:




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