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Editor’s List: Authority Magazine’s Favorite ‘Five Things Videos’ About Surviving Cancer (Part Three)

Cancer is a horrible and terrifying disease. Yet millions of people have beaten the odds and beat cancer. Authority Magazine started a new series called “I Survived Cancer and Here Is How I Did It.”

We interviewed dozens of cancer survivors to share their stories, in order to offer hope and provide strength to people who are being impacted by cancer today.

Some of the cancer survivors we interviewed put together some fantastic videos sharing their five tips. Please enjoy these videos and interviews below.

Tiffany Easley, Tiffany R Easle Enterprises Inc.

Tiffany, Author, Transformational Life Coach, and Speaker leverages her 42-year cancer survivorship to help women impacted by a chronic or terminal diagnosis navigate the trauma associated with the diagnosis, live a life of purpose and SOAR in their greatness. She provides resources, strategies, and tools designed to help her clients gain clarity and create a course of action to gain freedom from stagnation. Learn more about Tiffany and SOAR on her website .

The complete interview can be read here:

Leeanna Gantt, tooktake LLC

Leeanna Gantt is the founder and inventor of tooktake dosage reminder labels. Prior to that, she helped lead the 501c3 charity, Rainbow Pack, which provided backpacks full of homework supplies to economically disadvantaged elementary school students in The Los Angeles Unified School District. Going back a bit further, Leeanna created the award-winning community art and craft studio, Tinker, which brought people together to create and make in an inspiring and judgement-free space. All of this was preceded by a celebrated career as a creative director at several notable advertising agencies where she created award-winning work for clients such as: Lexus, Wells Fargo, Acura, Yonex Tennis, and Hartford Insurance. Above all, she is most proud of her family.

The complete interview can be read here:

Christine Handy

Meet Christine Handy, Author, Model, Breast Cancer Survivor, Motivational Speaker and Humanitarian. Christine published her first book ‘Walk Beside Me’ in 2016 . It is the works to becoming a film. Recently, Handy collaborated with a bathing suit brand to manufacture a line of swimwear for women who have lost their breasts to cancer. Handy is also on the Board of two Non-Profits: Ebeauty and People of Purpose.

The complete interview can be read here:

Crystal Grenier, reclaim 2 restore

An Idaho girl, living in a North Dakota world, Crystal is a 50+ married mom to two beautiful adult daughters. She holds a BA in Communication/Business, and later a Masters in Sports Management, providing many employment opportunities that included: sales, marketing, PR, administration, coaching, management, and fundraising efforts. Her long-standing passion for health and fitness provided a sanctuary of safety as a fitness instructor and personal trainer only to be recently challenged with shifts into an online holistic health coaching business, and now, an aspiring writer of the written word to heal.

The complete interview can be read here:

Penny Casselman

Penny Casselman is a transformation coach, author of How To Get A Free Boob Job — and other insights from a breast cancer adventurer, motivational speaker, and Olympic-level optimist. She helps humans reconnect with their dreams so that they can overcome obstacles and stop drifting through a life they’re simply surviving. Penny’s sparkling, optimistic, and honest approach empowers clients to uncover surprising new choices allowing them to turn their impossible challenge into an adventure worth living and create a life they love.

The complete interview can be read here:




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