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Pricing is key: Overpricing a home is not effective, so it’s important to have a strong perspective on price and be willing to have difficult conversations with clients.

As a part of my series about the ‘Five Things You Need To Know To Succeed In The Real Estate Industry’, I had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Haskell.

A natural-born entrepreneur with a passion for helping his clients achieve their dreams, Eric has curated the real estate, art and design collections for celebrities, moguls and collectors for many years. Now, he has parlayed his tech and design expertise into a rapid ascent at The Agency, quickly rising to become one of the top luxury realtors in the country recognized on the prestigious RealTrends The Thousand list. Additionally, he has been named as one the LA Business Journal’s Leaders of Influence and closed $200M in sales in 2021, including a record-breaking sale in Montecito history.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell us the “backstory” about what brought you to the Real Estate industry?

I used to deal in art and rare furniture with high-end clients. I obtained my real estate license to potentially represent myself on properties. One day, I spoke with one of my clients about selling her house because another person I advised was looking for something similar. Two weeks later, I closed a deal for $11,000,000, and I haven’t looked back.

Can you share with our readers the most interesting or amusing story that occurred to you in your career so far? Can you share the lesson or takeaway you took out of that story?

Saying “yes” to an opportunity has led me to some of my best stories. One time, a client asked me to represent a property outside of my usual area. I was apprehensive, but decided to say yes. We created a really cool marketing plan, sold the property for a big number, and then sold the neighbor’s house to the same person for another big number. The eventual buyer saw our video and flew in just to see it from the video. The lesson I took from this experience is that taking risks can lead to success.

Do you have a favorite “life lesson quote”? Can you share a story or example of how that was relevant to you in your life?

One of my favorite quotes is from the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, which reads: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” This quote has been relevant in my life because it reminds me to move with self-confidence and to never lose faith in myself. When self-doubt creeps in, I train myself to move past it.

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? How do you think that will help people?

We are always developing new marketing techniques and trying to be innovative and educational in how we market properties. We have some amazing listings coming out and look forward to serving them in a creative way.

What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story?

Our focus on storytelling sets us apart. We are not just agents, but also a boutique marketing company. Our team is effective and talented, and we try to add value from all angles for our clients.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story about that?

I am grateful to the people who gave me a chance. When I got into real estate, I was shocked at how many people reached out to have me help them. Our business is all referral-based, so I am grateful for those who recommended us.

Ok. Thank you for all that. Let’s now jump to the main core of our interview. Can you share 3 things that most excite you about the Real Estate industry? If you can please share a story or example.

Three things that excite me about the real estate industry are the ever-changing landscape, the creativity required for impactful marketing, and the competitive nature of the industry. No two days are alike, and creating a successful marketing campaign for a property is incredibly satisfying. Success in this industry requires drive and determination.

Can you share 3 things that most concern you about the industry? If you had the ability to implement 3 ways to reform or improve the industry, what would you suggest? Please share stories or examples if possible.

Three concerns I have about the industry are:

  • Low barrier to entry: Becoming a fiduciary to someone’s largest financial decision should require more than just an online course and a test.
  • Antiquated approaches to doing business: These pose risks to consumers and can hinder progress in the industry.
  • Low commission companies: Some companies offer low commission rates, but poor representation can cost clients more than the commission savings.

What advice would you give to other real estate leaders to help their teams to thrive and to create a really fantastic work culture?

To help teams thrive and create a fantastic work culture, my advice is to prioritize collaboration, value team members’ perspectives, help them grow and feel supported, and encourage them to think outside the box.

Ok, here is the main question of our interview. You are a “Real Estate Insider”. If you had to advise someone about 5 non-intuitive things one should know to succeed in the Real Estate industry, what would you say? Can you please give a story or an example for each?

Five non-intuitive things to succeed in the Real Estate industry are:

  • Pricing is key: Overpricing a home is not effective, so it’s important to have a strong perspective on price and be willing to have difficult conversations with clients.
  • Follow-up is crucial: Keep communicating with clients to avoid losing them to another agent.
  • Be creative in marketing: Think outside the box and let people get to know you, as people tend to work with those they like and trust.
  • Focus on off-market listings for buyers: Having access to off-market properties can set you apart from other agents and lead to referrals.
  • Know the comps: Be knowledgeable about similar homes in the area and speak about them with intelligence.

Because of your position, you are a person of enormous influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the greatest amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. :-)

If I could inspire a movement, it would be to provide more resources and mentorship programs for children of all socioeconomic levels to pursue their dreams and build self-esteem through action. This would help create a better society by reducing socio-political and civil unrest caused by disenfranchisement and feeling unheard.

How can our readers further follow your work online?

@erichaskellre on Instagram

Thank you for your time, and your excellent insights! We wish you continued success.

About The Interviewer: Jason Hartman is the Founder and CEO of Empowered Investor. Jason has been involved in several thousand real estate transactions and has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities. Empowered Investor helps people achieve The American Dream of financial freedom by purchasing income property in prudent markets nationwide. Jason’s Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors™ is a comprehensive system providing real estate investors with education, research, resources and technology to deal with all areas of their income property investment needs. Through Jason’s podcasts, educational events, referrals, mentoring and software to track your investments, investors can easily locate, finance and purchase properties in these exceptional markets with confidence and peace of mind.

Starting with very little, Jason, while still in college at the age of 19, embarked on a career in real estate. While brokering properties for clients, he was investing in his own portfolio along the way. Through creativity, persistence and hard work, he earned a number of prestigious industry awards and became a young multi-millionaire. Jason purchased a California real estate brokerage firm that was later acquired by Coldwell Banker. He combined his dedication and business talents to become a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and media personality. Over the years he developed his Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors™ where his innovative firm educates and assists investors in acquiring prudent investments nationwide for their portfolio. Jason’s sought after educational events, speaking engagements, and his popular “Creating Wealth Podcast” inspire and empower hundreds of thousands of people in 189 countries worldwide.

While running his successful real estate and media businesses, Jason also believes that giving back to the community plays an important role in building strong personal relationships. He established The Jason Hartman Foundation in 2005 to provide financial literacy education to young adults providing the all-important real world skills not taught in school which are the key to the financial stability and success of future generations. We’re in a global monetary crisis caused by decades of misguided policies and the cycle of financial dependence has to be broken, literacy and self-reliance are a good start. Visit for free materials and resources.



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