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Stop staying small by spewing your truth all over everyone, and open yourself up to higher levels of consciousness that invite universal truths to flow through all aspects of your life.

As a part of our series about women who are shaking things up in their industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Fiori.

Rachel Fiori MSOT, CEO of Masters of Self University, is a Mystical Therapist & Elite Coach for High Profile People & Couples. She is the lead Mystical Professor teaching the Mystical Life Coach Certification program.

With a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, (specializing in mental, emotional, & behavioral health), a BA in Business/Corporate Communications, a Psychic-Intuitive-Empath, and as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), Rachel has spent the past 23 years empowering individuals, coaches, and high profile people across the world to heal their lives and relationships at the soul level.

Rachel masterfully utilizes the principles of Spiritual Psychology, as well as her gift of Divine Sight with her clients. She has the ability to perceive the unperceivable, and can see the deep truth of any situation which makes her the best in her field at doing “shadow work”. Her genius is the ability to “See” the root causes of all of your struggles. What she has the ability to see and show within a person or their relationship can change the consciousness of that person and elevate them to the status of fully healed, whole, and free.

Rachel’s wisdom of transformational-healing, her methods, and her reputation are unprecedented. She is a Radical Spiritual Teacher here to lead us into the New Golden Age of Harmony, and someone the world desperately needs right now.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dig in, our readers would like to get to know you a bit more. Can you tell us a bit about your “backstory”? What led you to this particular career path?

My first shift into spiritual awakening was at thirteen years old when I was standing in my living room with my mentally ill, abusive stepfather as he was about to unload on me for earning an A- on my report card. Since the ‘minus’ was so close to getting a B, “it didn’t even count as an A”. As the verbal abuse began to spew from his mouth, I had an out-of-body experience. I was suddenly slightly above and behind both of us watching this scene play out in front of me. And I had this incredible epiphany. “Oh my god. This has nothing to do with me. His abuse isn’t about me at all. It’s about him.” And it’s almost like I heard this very stern voice firmly tell me to “stop taking his abuse so personally!”. My soul had the epiphany. My guardian angel “yelled” at me for being so ridiculous in my attempts to seek approval from this broken man who was doing nothing but projecting his own brokenness and unhealed inner child wounds onto me. I never gave a shit about his opinion of me from that day forward. I never sought his approval ever again. I was completely detached from his negative opinion of me, and from the rare times that he praised me because I knew it wasn’t authentic. I experienced a degree of emotional freedom from that experience.

That’s not to say that I didn’t have a shit ton of inner child wounds to heal as I grew into adulthood. And I tried everything under the sun to heal myself at the deepest level, and never got the results that I was working so hard for. I had many painful inner child wounds that I couldn’t seem to heal at the core level no matter what I did. This was confusing to me considering the shift I had had at thirteen. It took me many years to unlock the energetics of “programs” and how they run in our psyches. The process of how they’re created and how to transform them at the root level . . . permanently. How to even see the programs that are there in the first place. Most programs love to hide in our blindspots making it nearly impossible to uncover them and heal them. But I discovered how to shine the Light on all of them so they can be transcended into a higher vibrational frequency. I gained the keys that end suffering, and I now share those keys with anyone who is willing and devoted to learning what they are.

Can you tell our readers what it is about the work you’re doing that’s disruptive?

I disrupt every single aspect of a person, a society, and of the collective that is a reflection of darkness. People love to pretend that they don’t carry darkness inside of themselves. To pretend that they are the Light and only Light. That the planet is dying and in the poor state that it’s in because of other people… not because of “me”. That their relationship is crappy because of their partner, not because of “me”. Even though you are the common denominator in every relationship you’ve ever been in. That their job sucks because of their boss or poor management. Never because all we do as humans is reenact our childhoods over and over again, being completely oblivious to this of course, and therefore many often create parent-child relationships at their places of employment. But no, we want to focus on productivity levels, price cuts, overworking employees in every attempt to increase profit. Humans have all but erased what it means to take responsibility for how they show up in this world. And they’ve mastered blaming everyone else for how bad things are.

I show people how they are actually showing up in the world, at their jobs, and in their relationships, versus how they like to think they’re showing up. I teach people to shift into what integrity actually means. I teach radical responsibility and radical self-awareness. No one heals without these fundamentals. Sooo many people claim to want to end their suffering. “They’ll do anything” they tell you. But many are really just asking for you to hand them the magical key that, once placed in the palm of their hand, will miraculously remove all of their pain. Their delusional egos tell them that healing is this sweet, tender process of just being told over and over again that they’re perfect as they are, that they’re loved, and that they don’t need to change. That everyone else is the problem. What bullshit. If you’re not ready to awaken to the programs that you run and project onto others in this world that cause others pain and harm, then you are not ready to heal. You still need suffering to be your guru. Weak people don’t heal. Only warriors heal. Weak people hate, project, deny, avoid, and drown in their own selfishness and victim consciousness. Weak people spiritually bypass and try to cancel everything in our culture that makes them feel uncomfortable, all while blaming everyone else for their suffering, for their failures, for their triggers.

I am a disruptor of the darkness. For those that refuse to see their own darkness, are people that are far from being filled with Light. In fact, they are the people that darkness works through. And this planet desperately needs more beings of the Light, now more than ever before.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

I think the funniest mistake I made was believing that healing myself (or others) was something I could do simply by applying some healing technique or working on myself for a brief period of time. I ignorantly believed that because my healing abilities were very powerful, that I could heal anyone. Many years ago I had an elderly patient that was mostly bedridden after she had a hip replacement. With tremendous help from her daughter and her walker, she could get out of bed and make it to the bathroom once per day. It was a painful and time consuming process, as she could barely walk at all. It had been approximately six months since she left the bedroom and could travel to any other part of the house. When I met her she was lying in bed. I placed my hands on her, and after several minutes her eyes got really wide, and she started to repeat, “no pain. No pain.” Louder and louder, “no pain!” She barely spoke english, so when she was yelling this I thought at first that I was somehow hurting her. But no, she suddenly swung her legs out of bed, stood up by herself, grabbed her walker and began to walk out of the room. Her daughter asked her, “Mom! Where are you going?” And her mom responded, “Into the living room! I haven’t been out of this room for six months!”. And she just walked out of the room. Her daughter translated what she said for me, and we both laughed hysterically.

When I came back a couple of days later, this woman was back in bed “unable to walk”. I was so confused. We all witnessed the miracle. This elderly woman experienced a miracle. And here she was. Bedridden again. So I did the same thing again. I placed my hands on her, and the exact same thing took place. She was almost startled as she began to yell “no pain!” because her excruciating pain simply vanished. She moved her stiff, almost frozen leg like she was warming up for a gymnastics meet. And then she stood up and walked out of the room, with her walker, just like two days before.

I came back for a session the following week, and I almost fell backwards when I saw this woman back in bed, “unable to walk” and get out of bed. Her daughter translated for me so that I could speak to her to try to understand why she was in bed after being able to get up and walk around the entire house without pain, all by herself. . . not once. . . but twice the previous week! She shook her head and said that when she went to bed that night, she woke up the next morning believing it was all a dream. She believed that her hip wouldn’t allow her to walk anymore. And her belief in that was more powerful than her belief in the miracle that she herself had experienced.

Now, you may be thinking that this is a horribly sad story and not at all funny. Well it is horribly sad and nothing about it is funny. What is funny was my ignorance. I learned an incredibly valuable lesson that day. One that shaped the way I coached and “healed” others. A lesson that is infused in everything that I offer as a healer, a spiritual teacher, and a coach. One that I teach my clients and my Mystical Life Coach Certification students. And the lesson is this: If someone at their core doesn’t want to heal, then there is nothing you can do to heal them. You can’t force them to love themselves enough to accept a miracle. If they believe more strongly in victim consciousness, or in a lack of deservedness, then that’s what they will continue to experience, no matter how powerful your healing abilities are. That experience placed me on the trajectory to teach my clients how to heal themselves instead of remaining in their powerlessness to either depend on me for their healing, or to reject my healing because of their lack of self-love. I now teach and heal from a place of empowering others. That is the core of everything that is offered at Masters of Self University. Every single type of coaching, every master class is to teach people how to connect to their own, inner, divine, power and to grow that power so they can be the miracle workers in their own lives. And it’s easily the most rewarding work that I do.

We all need a little help along the journey. Who have been some of your mentors? Can you share a story about how they made an impact?

I wish I could tell you some fantastic story about an incredible mentor that guided me into healing, growing, and becoming what I am today. But there really were none. The ironic thing is that I hoped, I searched, I prayed, I BEGGED the universe to send me some enlightened being that was more psychic and more awakened than I was so I could learn from them. I desperately wanted a guru. But . . . nothing. Blackness. Absolutely no one. The funny thing is, my intuitive guidance told me all along that I was on this journey alone. Well except for my spiritual guides of course. And although, as a general rule of thumb, we all need teachers and guides that are way more advanced than us in order to guide us higher, it is also true that for some of us we’re not meant to have a person like that. This is one example of an intense spiritual test of initiation to go within. And that’s what I was forced to do. To go so deeply within myself until I could hear my higher soul speak to me clearly, precisely, and directly. I had to master my self. I never would’ve transformed into the radical spiritual teacher that I am today if I had followed another. I had to learn to connect directly to Source. I had to learn to raise my vibrational frequency to the highest level so that my level of consciousness could channel the consciousness of universal Wisdom. So my mentor is the Wisdom of the universe. That cosmic Wisdom is my teacher. My mentor. My guide. My support. My comfort.

There is a reason for that, by the way. The reason is that we’ve turned into a society that absorbs a gluttonous level of information and knowledge. And we love to tell ourselves that we know so much because we can quote a thousand teachers or authors, or regurgitate tons of information to others to show how smart we all are. And the truth is, that all comes from the programs of low self worth and inferiority. It comes from this incessant need to prove to others how special we are. And you only ever need to prove that to others you’re special because you lack the self-love and validation from within. You don’t believe you’re special which is why you need others to think that you are. Because of this, many seek out teachers and join “tribes” that will validate them, uplift them, and tell them how loved and supported they are. These are wounded inner children searching for the mommy and daddy replacement of unconditional love that they didn’t have while growing up. They seek out “mentors” that will pat them on the back and hold their hand so they don’t have to face their shadow-selves. So they don’t have to do the real healing work on themselves and finally grow up. They seek out countless people or coaches that will give them the next “hacks” so they can bypass doing the real work to face their darkness and heal their own pain, and that will tell them what they want to hear. They want the quick fix and they expend an exuberant amount of energy avoiding or filling their time with the latest technique, certification, or healing modality in hopes of magically eliminating their own pain. By not having my own teacher, I learned to go into my own pain and develop a very different relationship with every aspect of it. I learned how to actually heal it, and heal it permanently. This led me to the creation of the coaching programs that I offer to clients and the Mystical Life Coach Certification program that I now offer at Masters of Self University. Those that are enrolled in this program are devoting themselves to the deepest level of transformational-healing work that humans have access to in this lifetime. These coaches-in-training are not only healing themselves, but are becoming masters at guiding others through authentic healing, transformation, and self-actualization.

Outside of that, my dog, Mason, has been my biggest guru to date. He demonstrated to me in a million and one ways what unconditional love was. And as a highly sensitive being, he mirrored to me my own sensitivities. My having to show up for him with such gentleness, allowed me to learn how to be gentle with myself. My Mason passed away at fourteen years old in April 2021. I felt like my soul died on that day. The level of love, gentleness, and nurturing that I had to give to myself to heal the grief of losing him, was his final gift to me.

In today’s parlance, being disruptive is usually a positive adjective. But is disrupting always good? When do we say the converse, that a system or structure has ‘withstood the test of time’? Can you articulate to our readers when disrupting an industry is positive, and when disrupting an industry is ‘not so positive’? Can you share some examples of what you mean?

Disrupting an industry is ALWAYS positive when it promotes the qualities and aspects of Oneness. When you’re dismantling and bringing down the programs of inequality, such as sexism that still plague our society in order for people to raise their level of consciousness to the way of Equality, that’s positive. When you disrupt to uplift and to promote the ways of Truth, harmlessness and gentleness . . . to promote the creation of a harmonious society or world, to promote sovereignty and human rights when they are the very things being taken away from us, that type of disruption is essential and is desperately needed across the globe right now.

Being disruptive is never positive when you carry your own selfish agendas, or agendas that cause harm to others as a byproduct of your disruption. Are you disrupting because you’re angry? Hateful? Unhealed? Because you feel inferior or powerless? Then you have no business doing anything but sitting down, shutting your mouth, and seeking out the healing that you, yourself so desperately need. People who come from hate or anger are doing nothing but spewing more hate and anger out into the world. That’s a reflection of weakness, not power. That’s how the darkness of evil moves through people. But you’ll justify your hate because someone else has hated you. Grow up. That makes you just as bad as them. That shows the low level of consciousness that you actually function in. You are only qualified to “disrupt” when you’ve healed yourself enough to express your own power of divinity through your words, your teachings, your actions. When you can come from love not hate. When you can speak universal truth in every one of your words. When you can show the emotional and spiritual level of maturity to be a disruptor, not for fame, or so you can call yourself an influencer, but so that you can elevate humanity to a higher level of consciousness. That can only happen after you’ve raised your own level of consciousness. Being a disruptor requires the ability for a person to accept the radical level of responsibility that comes with changing people’s lives. If you’re not strong enough yet to change people’s lives for the better, then you have no business being in the arena of disruption.

Can you share 3 of the best words of advice you’ve gotten along your journey? Please give a story or example for each.

“Get out of your head and drop into your heart. Thinking ruins everything”. ~Rachel Fiori

Thinking comes from the egoic mind that is run by sabotaging subconscious programs. People are SO trapped in their minds. This is where they make all of their decisions from; from their measly, little human pea brains. When you stop living in mind and anchor yourself into your heart center, you exponentially expand. You open yourself up to the wisdom of the universe. This is how mystical wisdom, guidance, and healing comes to you. Get out of your arrogant, limited minds that can only learn so much knowledge, and drop into your hearts so you can expand and become synchronistic with the unconditional love that the universe offers.

“Weak people don’t heal. Only warriors do.” ~Rachel Fiori

I say this to people because it’s true. It takes strength and courage to face your wounds and feel your pain. But that’s what power is. Power is the ability to refrain from running from pain, and dive all the way into the depths of it so you can shine your Light on the roots of darkness.

“Fuck your truth.” ~Rachel Fiori

People have become so arrogant and self-absorbed and now justify their ugly behaviors by claiming, “this is my truth!”. “My truth” comes from nothing but programs, wounds, and ego. Your truth is a delusional perspective that comes from ego that reflects victim consciousness, self-righteousness, and separation. So quite frankly, you can go fuck your truth. I’m sick to death of people attacking others and showing up as non-compassionate assholes and justifying it by stating “I’m just speaking my truth.” What a way to take absolutely NO responsibility for how you show up in the world! Your truth is plagued by the delusions of your ego. You want to know what isn’t? Universal truth. Divine truth. You see, once you can get past your small, unhealed, personality self, you begin to see what the universal truth is in all situations. Instead of viewing life experiences from the selfish belief that you are the center of the universe, you begin to see every experience as a divine experience; the positive ones as well as the negative ones. The truth in every life experience is that that experience holds a valuable lesson of growth. And if you discover the lesson, no matter how painful or challenging that experience was, you gain the gift of that experience that is always hidden within it. If no one was there to support you or to help you heal yourself, “your truth” would be to claim how lonely, ugly and isolating the world is. The real truth. . . the universal truth, is that you had to learn to tap into your own divine powers to achieve your soul’s mission in this lifetime. That could only happen by being forced to move through painful life experiences with no one supporting you. If you’ve been walked all over, taken advantage of, or used in relationships, your truth might be to claim that there are no “good ones” out there, or to blame the opposite sex. Universal truth will tell you that you’ve experienced these things in relationships to show you what your inner child wounds are and the programs of powerlessness that you run. Those painful relationships were there to give you the opportunity to step into your power and learn to love yourself enough to master how to set healthy boundaries.

Stop staying small by spewing your truth all over everyone, and open yourself up to higher levels of consciousness that invite universal truths to flow through all aspects of your life.

We are sure you aren’t done. How are you going to shake things up next?

Where do I even start?! There’s so much! One small way is through the No BS Relationship Master Class that is being offered in 2022 by Masters of Self University. You can learn more about that here. This class wakes people up to the fact that they’ve been brainwashed to show up as disempowered, codependent children in their relationships by expecting their partners to meet their needs for them. It’s time people stepped into their full potential and show up in a relationship as a divinely powerful being. This course teaches step by step how to create a sacred relationship and how to put an end to the old paradigm where relationships were based on inequality and survival.

On a larger scale, Masters of Self University is a role model for a new way to function as an enlightened corporation. Everyone rises together. Unity is the core focus so eventually Oneness can be achieved. The old paradigm of how corporations function meant that your mental and emotional health had nothing to do with work. Work was work. This is insane considering people’s work lives tend to be the leading cause of stress in one’s life, since it’s their source of financial survival . So Masters of Self University offers a very special program for corporations and organizations called Corporate Harmony Coaching. It’s the only one of its kind to date. What is this disrupting? The ignorant belief that you can’t go to work to heal yourself. Your place of work should be a place of healing! No matter what your product or service industry is! This corporate coaching program focuses on healing and creating harmony on an individual, organizational, and global level. It’s dismantling the belief that many have capitalized on that learning how to meditate for twenty minutes a day while at work, with your meditation coach that your company has invested in, is going to make profound impacts on the company’s bottom line. This is ridiculous. Most corporate coaching programs fall short because they make the same mistakes that most make when it comes to healing: what they offer doesn’t heal shit. They’re offering surface level techniques that might make someone feel a little better temporarily, but never heals the root causes of stress, overwhelm, burnout, or conflicts on an individual or an organizational level. Some positive impact may be seen temporarily, but long term gains fall by the wayside because people’s programs that get triggered at work don’t get healed via meditation or surface level coaching strategies. We believe that going to work cannot only be fulfilling, but it can be truly healing. And that’s how we’re making a global impact in a more profound and groundbreaking way. When healing yourself and your organization becomes a part of your every workday, every employee that participates begins to elevate and thrive. When they thrive, the company thrives. When activating an abundance of mental and emotional health at work, this thrusts the organization into a higher level of abundance in all forms. Productivity, sales, satisfied customers. . . the benefits are unlimited. Work transforms into a feel-good win-win, even when you have deadlines and periods of working extra hard. The Corporate Harmony Coaching program is probably the most exciting disruptor to the old ways that corporations have been run that we are currently offering at Masters of Self University.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges faced by ‘women disruptors’ that aren’t typically faced by their male counterparts?

Women are immediately labeled as angry, over-emotional, or too much. Men can show up as sexist, racist, arrogant pricks and they’re applauded for being “leaders”. Like these are characteristics of a leader. But if a woman so much as changes the tone of her voice, ever so slightly, she’s treated like she’s out of control and often interrupted with gestures and comments telling her to “calm down”. The irony of this is that anyone who gets triggered by the emotions of another is the person who is emotionally weak. Their emotional IQ is so low, that they need the person or people in front of them to act like an emotionless robot so that they’ll never be challenged to expand their own level of emotional resilience. A powerful person doesn’t need everyone else to remain calm and peaceful at all times in order to remain calm and peaceful themselves.

One way that darkness expresses itself through sneaky forms of sexism, is to expect women to be soft and nurturing all the time. Like this is the definition of the divine feminine. Like women have to walk on eggshells and suppress their voices and disapproval of the way unconscious men show up in this world. Divine feminine energy is pure raw power. It’s the only energy that pierces into the depths of all forms of darkness to transform the darkness into Light. That’s not masculine energy. It’s feminine energy that does that. Transforming darkness into Light IS nurturing. To say “no”, or to speak out against injustice, IS nurturing. It’s nurturing to yourself if you’re being mistreated, and it’s nurturing to others who are being treated like you are. Women don’t have to be soft spoken to be in their feminine energy. That’s just another way to oppress feminine power and allow victimizers to get away with what they’re doing.

Men don’t have to face any of these challenges because they’re born with a mic in their hands. They are automatically listened to and taken seriously, even if they’re clueless and unqualified for the job. Women are dismissed as leaders even though they are the natural born leaders. Women are the leaders and men are meant to follow from the front. Women are the beings that I call the golden compass because they innately have the gift of divine sight. Awakened women see the truth and the wisdom in everything and therefore make the most qualified leaders. Men follow from the front in order to protect and guard against anything that would interfere with her divine wisdom and guidance that stems from her natural connection to the One Power. When a divine and awakened woman leads, her plan includes what’s best for all involved. She never leads from selfishness. Her agenda is never about me, myself, and I. She provides the plan and direction to go in, and then masculine energy steps up and takes that plan to completion, protecting it until it comes to fruition. This is a reflection of unity and how divine feminine and divine masculine work together.

Do you have a book/podcast/talk that’s had a deep impact on your thinking? Can you share a story with us?

Yes! The book that has had the most profound impact on me is the book that I just finished channeling. I just wrote it so I can’t say much about it yet. But it has elevated my consciousness in a multitude of ways. This will be the next level of teachings that I will be offering to the world in the not so distant future. These teachings will guide those that are ready into the New Golden Age of Harmony. The challenges that humanity is facing in our current times are a reflection of a global dark night of the soul. The teachings in my book will elevate people out of their darkness so they can learn to live in the Light experientially. Not just as a mental concept or a cute social media meme that’s posted to gain followers.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. :-)

That current movement is being offered with our Corporate Harmony Coaching program. With this movement, we are healing and creating harmony on an individual level, an organizational level, which butterflies into a global level. I really feel that this will spark a ripple effect globally to elevate humanity faster than any other method.

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

“Weak people don’t heal. Only warriors do.”

I know, I know. I’m tooting my own horn, here! But I believe passionately in this saying. I learned like everyone else has, to avoid my pain. . to achieve success. . . to accomplish. . . to earn financial abundance. . . and then I’d feel happy and free. This is brainwashing bullshit that keeps people weak and functioning with a low emotional IQ. This is what keeps people in depression and anxiety disorder and dependent on meds that never heal these conditions. This is a never ending cycle of codependency on seeking things outside of yourself to feel a sense of happiness and joy. It’s time for people to learn the true definition of what it means to be a Warrior of the Light. Warriors dive full force into their own darkness and transmute their ugly, unloving programs, unhealed traumas and pain, with the unconditional love that they learn to become. Warriors embrace their pain and transform it with their Light. Weak people avoid their darkness, thereby giving permission for the darkness to set up shop within themselves and on this planet untouched, unchallenged, and unscathed.

How can our readers follow you online?

Website: www.MastersofSelfUniversity.com

IG: rachel_fiori

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3U9tlcGLwx9wwt-1vJbwvQ)

FB: rachelfiori.msu

This was very inspiring. Thank you so much for joining us!



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