Female Disruptors: Bootstrapping Dana Todd is Dressing Women 35+ For Success In Breakthrough Ways

Lisa Buyer
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14 min readMar 4, 2019

Balance is beautiful. I still struggle a lot with work-life balance, which is an overused cliche but so valid. The reality is that I really love working, and most of the time any hour I put into my business feels more interesting than doing dishes or even socializing with friends and family. But I don’t feel guilt if I take a full weekend to decompress and not check my email. I’ll often channel my “inner dude” and just binge TV or play computer games if I don’t feel like socializing. I define self-care my way, it’s not just about spa days or beach vacations, but the result is the same if you set the intention. I’m getting better at interpreting my body for clues to what my mind and spirit needs, and prioritizing them. The result is a happier and more creative me, which translates into better leadership decisions and interactions with my teams.

From Internet marketing disruptor paving the way for digital marketers to fashionista reinventing how women 35+ shop and dress for success. Dana Todd is not one to sit back and wait for the next invention that will make our lives easier. As a true entrepreneur, she creates a solution for the problem at hand. That’s why it’s no surprise that after launching two successful companies, she’s back with a third and redefining how women dress today. I caught up with Dana in between her raising her first round of financing, teaching, crowdsourcing the news on her latest ecomm start up, and signing up new designers around the world.

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Dana Todd

CEO, Balodana — “The dressmaker, reinvented”

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Lisa Buyer
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