“For every person that told me I can’t, I’ve worked that much harder to show them and everyone else ‘I can, and I WILL!”, with Erin Cosgrove

Drew Gurley
Oct 3, 2018 · 8 min read

Thank you so much for joining us! Let’s show everyone you’re a normal human being. What are your hobbies, favorite places to visit, pet peeves? Tell us about YOU when you’re working.

“Thanks so much for having me! I’ve been doing triathlons since the age of 7 and I’m still pretty competitive. I like to do at least 3–4 races a year to keep myself in shape.

“I’m a super nerd and love to collect coins! My grandmother and father got me into it when I was about 5 and we used to collect all the statehood quarters in our coin books they bought us. Pennies were cool, too.

“I also love to garden. It’s so nice to be able to eat the food you grow; it just tastes SOO much better than store bought!

“I’m a huge traveler. I was going to different counties with school when I was 16 and I guess caught the bug then. So far, my favorite places have been Italy and Germany’s Oktoberfest!

“I would say one of my pet peeves is people that have something to prove; Not a fan, lol. Just be you and stop trying to impress… :)”

Can you tell us something about you that few people know?

“That’s tough. I would say not many people know that I used to paint my whole body Green and Gold when I would go to football games at my university. I was in a HUGE spirit group called the “Beef Studs and Beef Babes.” My school mascot was a Bull. We were always on the school pamphlets and billboards! It was so much fun!!

“Another thing people may not know is that I don’t have my ears pierced :)”

Can you tell us about your back story and how you have transitioned into your current business?

“When I was only about 5 my mom said I used to run around the house singing made-up songs and melodies. When I was in high school I was part of a national show choir that traveled all over the county and world, leading to me continuing my education earning a bachelor’s in music!

“Right after college I moved to L.A. to pursue acting because music was my true passion. From there I landed a co-star role on Parenthood’s 7th and final season and decided then that music and acting were what I planned to do for the rest of my life. It wasn’t until I landed that crucial role that I realized I could actually make this a career… and here I am… lol.”

Do you have any exciting projects going on right now?

“Yes! We are shooting my second music video next week for my single , and I’ll also be in studio with Grammy award-winning producer Mikal Blue for that song as well as my next single . We’re also looking at potential tour for next summer up the East Coast. Along with all that we are doing a ton of writing and will have lots of music for 2019!”

Many people say success correlates with the people you meet in your life. Can you describe two that most impacted your success and why.

“I don’t actually think there was anyone I met; it was really my parents that allowed me to go as far as I have so far! My mom is my biggest fan and supporter and my dad taught me how to work hard and never give up. I think the two of them combined showed me that I can be anything I want as long as I put my mind to it. My sister definitely sprinkled a little love in there too!”

Leaders always seem to find ways to overcome their weaknesses. Can you share one or two examples of how you work outside of your comfort zone to achieve success?

“As someone who struggled as a child being a leader and standing out in the crowd, I faced a lot of challenges growing up. Kids didn’t like me because I would get demanding or bossy when in my mind I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. It wasn’t until college I realized how leadership actually works, and some of the pros and cons of being a leader and achieving success with those skills.

“I am constantly working outside of my comfort zone every day, pushing further and further until I achieve my success.”

The concept of mind over matter has been around for years. A contemporary description of this is having mental toughness. Can you give us an example (or two) of obstacles you’ve overcome by getting your mind in the right place (some might call this reframing the situation)?

“I used to get really bad stage fright before I started performing a lot, so I would usually take a shot and just try to find a quiet place to myself before I went on stage, so I could focus. I would go through in my head different lyrics, introductions, movements and so on until I would convince myself that I was fully prepared and ready for the next moment; which was to go on stage and rock the house. Even if I wasn’t, I still had to do my best and there was nothing at that moment in time I could do to prepare any longer.

“I just had to remember whatever happens happens. It was terrifying but also such a rush of adrenaline; I loved it more and more and became less afraid with each show because I was able to fully trust my abilities.”

What are your “3 Lessons I Learned from My Most Memorable Failure”

“Contracts, contracts, contracts… ALWAYS. Get everything in writing because people don’t always honor what they say.”

What unfiltered advice can you give aspiring stars regarding how to avoid common mis- fires in starting their career?

“Oh man, the best advice I would give is be prepared to work hard, very hard. This industry is a “show me” industry. Remember that when someone asks about your work, show them you are worthy, don’t tell them. Humbleness goes a long way.”

What is the best lesson you learned from your worst job?

“ALWAYS screen your musicians before you get on stage with them, even if it’s just a small acoustic show; some people cannot do what they say. I had a musician come on stage with me to play an hour set and he only ended up knowing the chords to around 2 songs. It was one of the most embarrassing shows of my life!”

What is one “efficiency hack” you use consistently in your life to keep your time and mind free to focus on your strengths and passions?

“I think my efficiency hack would be triathlons and training. It keeps me sane and in shape at the same time! I’m not gonna lie though, a nice glass of wine doesn’t hurt either ;)”

All actors or musicians have sleepless nights. We have a term we use with our clients called the “2 a.m. moment.” It’s when you’re wide awake and thinking not-so-positive thoughts about your business choices and future. Can you describe a 2 a.m. moment (or moments) you’ve had and how you overcame the challenges?

“My 2 a.m. moments are tough because I don’t really have a set way of getting through them. I know my body pretty well, and usually when I’m at that hour and thinking those thoughts it means I’m really tired and probably stressed and anxious, so I just have to remind myself that I won’t think this way in the morning. 99% of the time I forget I even had those negative thoughts to begin with.

“Only sometimes do I wake up going ‘wow, what am I doing with my life,’ but that usually stems from other seeded issues with certain people in my life.”

Nobody likes to fail, and we sure don’t like to admit we failed. Can you describe a moment when you confided your most closely-held business issues/problems to someone close to you, and how the conversation(s) helped you work through the issue?

“So, I read this book a while back that described how you are loved and how to love others based on a few different factors. One of the things that makes me feel loved, or just like I can conquer the world, is when I receive positive compliments about something I’ve done or worked very hard for.

“So, when I’ve spoken to these people that are close to me about certain issues; whenever they try to boost me up and remind me that I am worth it, it really helps me go from 0 to 60 in a second.

“I think that’s the biggest thing for me is hearing that I’m good enough. Knowing it is one thing, but if no one tells you that it doesn’t mean anything.”

What’s on the drawing board for your next venture?

“Nashville is definitely in the near future; whether we live there full time or just part time in L.A. and part time in Nashville. I plan to move there in the next couple years. No date just yet, but great things are happening!”

What did we miss? Feel free to share any other thoughts or advice on overcoming failure, initiatives you’re currently supporting, any other relevant information you would like to share with the readers.

“An interesting story about myself and how I overcame a lot of obstacles during my high school and college years was about people telling me ‘I Can’t’.

“I studied (vocal performance) opera in college and my professor failed me my senior year because of jealousy. I was working professionally at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay as a performer (singer) while in college trying to get a head start in the rat race. He even convinced all the other professors to give me failing grades at my final exam. One of my teachers had written an A on my sheet and then crossed it out and wrote a D all because my professor said I wasn’t good enough.

“I had parents of my ex-boyfriends telling me ‘get a real job’or would ask at every dinner with them ‘what’s your plan B?’” It was horrible, but for every person that told me I can’t, I’ve worked that much harder to show them and everyone else ‘I can, and I WILL’.”

How can our readers follow you on social media?

@erincosgroveofficial is my all-around handle and youtube.com/erincosgrove

Authority Magazine

Leadership Lessons from Authorities in Business, Film…

Drew Gurley

Written by

Drew Gurley is an avid entrepreneur, member of the Forbes Finance Council, and epilepsy advocate.

Authority Magazine

Leadership Lessons from Authorities in Business, Film, Sports and Tech. Authority Mag is devoted primarily to sharing interesting feature interviews of people who are authorities in their industry. We use interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable.

Drew Gurley

Written by

Drew Gurley is an avid entrepreneur, member of the Forbes Finance Council, and epilepsy advocate.

Authority Magazine

Leadership Lessons from Authorities in Business, Film, Sports and Tech. Authority Mag is devoted primarily to sharing interesting feature interviews of people who are authorities in their industry. We use interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable.

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