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Fred Johnson’s Big Idea That Might Change Nursing Care

This program truly does change the world substantially, particularly for these patients and their families, in the following ways:

It enables these children to be at home and remain home because they are now receiving the consistent care they need every single day.

We’ve treated over 1000 patients in Colorado with this model and our 30-day rehospitalization rate for our patients is approximately 3%, compared to the national average of 18%. This saves Medicaid a tremendous amount of money on the expensive ER visits and extended hospital stays.

Our program also saves states an average range of 20–40% for every hour we can replace a nurse with a Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Home Health Aide.

We train parents and family members for free with absolutely no strings attached. If they don’t pass all their exams, testing and clinical training, then we write off the cost completely.

We often can get these families completely off food stamps and welfare by providing long-term employment, hence saving states even more money.

For any parent or family member who works more than 30 hours per week, we also provide a full health insurance benefit package for them and their family, 401k, and continued clinical training that can even allow them to use their clinical training for employment outside the home if their situation enables.

Our robust data analytics capabilities also allow us to provide Medicaid agencies with precise numbers on cost savings, reductions in hospitalizations, and other key financial and medical outcomes.



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