“5 Ways Your Local Business Can Leverage Free Publicity To Grow” with Amy Stern & Kage Spatz

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8 min readJan 11, 2022

Amy Stern

It is important to communicate the value of the business and its point of difference by reaching potential customers where they consume their news.

Welcome to another installment of our Local PR Strategy Series, where we get to learn directly from top industry experts about how you can leverage media attention to grow your local business.

I’m your host, Kage Spatz — here to help Local Business Owners, Consultants, & Service Providers extract max value from every hour and marketing dollar invested to serve more customers in 2022.

When or if you’re ready to invest time or money into growing your business this year, you’ll notice right away that hitting your goals will involve several different marketing strategies working together. Today we are here to discuss one of those strategies: Public Relations.

Before jumping to the conclusion that this strategy is too expensive, what if you could learn how to earn some local media attention for free? Would you invest a little time to gain some valuable exposure for your business? That’s where our guest comes in: Today I had the pleasure of talking with Amy Stern.

Amy Stern, Senior Vice President, 3E Public Relations is a marketing & PR professional with extensive experience in CPG, food, healthcare, franchise, and lifestyle markets. Her expertise spans numerous strategic channels including brand management, media relations, and strategic partnerships.

Today’s PR Strategy Series article includes some yet-to-be-published insights from a previous conversation between Filomena Fanelli & Kage Spatz.

Thank you so much for joining us, let’s dive right in! Before a local business invests time or money into earning publicity, should their PR strategy differ a lot based on what they sell and who they sell to? For example, would your PR strategy change much if a client is selling a physical product or has a service-based solution? B2C versus B2B?

PR Strategy for physical vs. service-based products does not need to differ significantly. The key is knowing/identifying…

Kage Spatz
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