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Grant Gibson of CIBR: Lessons I Learned From My Military Experience About How To Survive And Thrive During A Time Of Crisis

Collect yourself. First step is to calm down and not panic. Odds are your team, the public and others are watching you and watching how you respond. Take a minute to collect yourself and lead with confidence.

  1. Ask questions. Before you make any decisions, you have to understand what is going on around you and what the actual problem is. Ask any and all questions in order for you to formulate the best plan of action.
  2. Get involved. Just because you are the leader does not mean you can sit in an ivory tower and look down on your team. Be a team player and make sure they have the support they need.
  3. Communicate. This is probably the most important step, and one you should keep coming back to as the crisis plays out. You must communicate internally, externally, whatever that keeps the line of communication open. In a crisis miscommunication can be a fault that hurts your team the most.
  4. Reevaluate. Once the problem or crisis is resolved, go back and go through all the steps again. Take inventory of what you could have done differently, what worked and how to avoid another crisis like it again.



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