Grit, The Most Overlooked Ingredient of Success: “Learn to say no”

With Jessica (Tyner) Mehta

Authority Magazine
Nov 19, 2018 · 12 min read

The movements I’m personally nurturing don’t have, in my opinion, the capacity to bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people. Poetry and yoga will likely not be a daily activity for every person, at least within my lifetime. However, these are the spaces in which I have passion and can make the best waves. Still, if I were to consider what would bring the most good to the most people, it’s cognitive reconditioning. That was at the heart of my turn away from an anoretic lifestyle. Humans are consistently told by society, by the media, and often by their friends and family in ways overt and covert that they are not enough. We get the message that we’re too fat, too unattractive, not intelligent enough, not driven enough, simply not enough from the day we’re born. Birth, no matter how “easy” it is, is ultimately a trauma. We are born into and through trauma. It’s natural that we ingest these messages and began to tell them to ourselves. Many people would never talk to a friend or even a stranger the way we talk to ourselves. By consciously and daily practicing positive self-talk, we change ourselves which affects one another and ultimately the world. Be kind to everyone, including yourself.

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