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Health Tech: Caitlin Stowe On How ActivePure Medical’s Technology Can Make An Important Impact On Our Overall Wellness

The technology must be safe and effective- on the curve of adoption, I tend to be a fairly early adopter, but I also need to be sure that the technology is safe and works. Having clinical data proving safety and efficacy is imperative to successfully implementing or trialing a technology.

  1. The technology must be practical- it’s always easier to get leadership on board if there’s not a huge implementation cost- whether that’s time, money, labor, etc.
  2. The technology must be cost-effective- to get any technology purchase approved as an IP, I had to prove that it would save time or money. For example, before I could implement an electronic IP surveillance system, I had to show my leadership that purchasing this system would free up my staff’s time. I had to show that the IP would be performing surveillance activities and allow them to be more present in the units and work on initiatives that would improve patient outcomes and potentially reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and improve reimbursement.
  3. The technology must be easy to maintain- similar to implementation, and optimally there should be very minimal maintenance of the technology. It’s easier to get the support teams on board if you show that their workload won’t significantly increase. Having semi-annual or annual maintenance is much easier than monthly or quarterly maintenance on the support teams.
  4. The technology must be environmentally friendly- with the increased focus on reducing waste, becoming more “green” and the ESG focus in general, it’s crucial the technology improves the work environment or doesn’t create additional waste for the healthcare facility to handle.



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