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Heroes Among Us: “Know Your People” With Coalfire CEO, Tom McAndrew

Know Your People — This is perhaps the hardest of all the lessons, and one I think about all the time. I worked for many leaders that had no interest in me as a person. I was there as a cog in the wheel, just as replaceable as anyone else. It’s hard to be motivated when you feel like a cog. One of the best leaders I ever served under was someone who really knew us all. He knew our families, what drove us, our backgrounds, and he built a real culture of trust. Knowing “your people” also includes knowing those that you see but don’t manage every day. Teams are made up of a lot of critical roles, many of them in support roles or back office roles. Real leaders appreciate the contributions of the entire team and go out of their way to get to know all their people.

  1. We often overlook the risks at the beginning and end of events. It’s common in life, business, sports, etc. There is so much focus on the middle, and it is just human nature to get tired or complacent at the end. If you are in a leadership role, you need to ensure that the team has focus all the way through.
  2. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do. We like to believe that we have more control that we actually do. In this case, once the tank fell, there was nothing anyone could do. We had a short amount of time, and there were no practical options to save him. Often, we like to take shortcuts on training or planning and leave it to people to figure things out on their own, but sometimes they will face situations where there are just no good options.
  3. Finally, I think about how everyone is connected to other people’s lives. We all touch our families, friends, and co-workers in ways that we may not appreciate. We also may not see them as interconnected human beings outside of their role.



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