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Karina Michel Feld

Nov 14, 2020

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How Darrell Miller of Fox Rothschild Is Helping To Make the Entertainment Industry More Diverse and Representative

Add more diverse voices to boards of directors and C-suites at the major entertainment companies that effectively have a monopoly on mass entertainment.

Base CEOs’ and senior management’s salaries and bonuses on a scorecard of achieving diversity goals.

Measure success in achieving diversity goals by the “results,” not the process. For example, good intentions count for nothing if the bottom line does not change.

  1. Think differently and embrace change. Why? When I arrived in the industry practically everybody in the business engaged in “group thinking.” If you want to stand out, you have to break from the crowd.
  2. Where to find a tentative ruling at the courthouse. Why? So I would not have spent an entire day searching for one sheet of paper taped to the outside of the judge’s courtroom door that included a statement from the judge on how he or she intended to rule in a pending matter.