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How Gymnast and Role Model Nia Dennis is Nourishing Her Mind and Her Body

At the tender age of 23, the very accomplished gymnast Nia Dennis has already had a stellar career and a bright future looms ahead.

Nia, the former American collegiate artistic gymnast and a member of the USA National Team from 2012–2016, is looking forward to her stellar second act.

She is the 2014 Pacific Rim team champion and junior all-around and vault silver medalist. She was also a member of the UCLA Women’s Gymnastics Team and continues to stay in touch with her former teammates.

Today, Nia is excited to partner with Pressed to share her new Limited-Edition Nia Dennis Routine featuring her three favorite Pressed juices and three Pressed well-being shots. The Limited-Edition Nia Dennis Routine. This is the perfect mix to nourish her body and make sure that she implements antioxidants, and vitamins into her daily routine.

The Routine includes three Pressed juices- Greens 2 juice, Citrus 2 juice, Strawberry Orange Mango Smoothie, and three wellness shots- Vitality, Probiotic, and Recovery. You can learn more and order the Nia Dennis Routine on The Routine is available online or in-stores.

On maintaining her best health, Nia says, “I think it’s so beneficial to really unpack everything that is going on through your emotions, through your daily lives whether it’s good, bad, or in between. You can really peel back your own layers and really understand why you are the way you are and how to navigate through life.”

Please read more to see retired gymnast Nia Dennis’ future plans, love for her fans, what she has learned from COVID-19, and why being a role model is vitally important to her.

When you meet fans in person or on social media, what are they asking you about?

Nia Dennis: Most of the time when I meet fans, they always shower me with love; they tell me how much they love me. And that they are also thanking me for doing the things that I did in the sport of gymnastics, and for helping to inspire the younger generation. A lot of times it’s the parents who come up to me and thank me for just being a good role model to their children, and that just means the world to me.

What does it mean to you to be a role model?

Nia Dennis: Oh, my goodness, it means the world. I always aspire to inspire. So to be in this position of inspiring the next generation feels very surreal. I remember when I was at that age, looking up to other women like Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles, and Betty Okino, and all these amazing gymnasts. I remember being in that position thinking, “Wow, hopefully, one day I can do what they’re doing.” And I did that! It feels really great to know that I accomplished that and I did it in a different way. I feel really proud.

Please talk about what keeps you healthy and happy in 2022 in general.

Nia Dennis: I suffered a lot with mental health throughout my gymnastics career, so it’s been a hard process, a long journey of healing and coping with everything that I’ve been through. The things that I do to stay happy are definitely taking time for myself. I have to make sure that every day I have some “me time” that doesn’t get interfered with or interrupted by other things.

I honestly swear by journaling. I kind of use it as a guide and that’s something that is really beneficial for me. I always have to dance, I love dancing. It’s a way that I feel free. It’s a way that I tell stories. It’s the way that I can kind of express whatever emotion that I’m feeling during that time. So those are some things that I really do for myself to stay happy and also take care of my mental health.

[Nia Dennis Making Her Moves]

Tell me about your Pressed Juices, something new in your life that is having a major impact.

Nia Dennis: The Pressed Juices, which are kind of new for me, have been amazing. Because I’m so used to strict diets and I’m used to having a regimented meal plan being a high-level athlete. I’ve actually struggled in the real world and outside of sports getting a healthy diet and making sure that I’m getting all the nutrients that I need for my day.

I’m so thankful for Pressed honestly, they have made getting my nutrients so easy. I didn’t know eating fruits and vegetables tasted this good. Honestly, it helps me stay on my path of just getting 1 percent every single day rather than trying to accomplish these huge goals that tend to be overwhelming. I really love Pressed and how it takes care of my body physically. I see great results!

[Nia Dennis’ Limited Edition Pressed Juice Routine]

Do you have any favorites that you really enjoy?

Nia Dennis: Yes. I have a limited-edition Nia Dennis routine, and it includes three juices, fruit juice smoothies, and three vitality probiotic shots. All of them have different functions but I truly do love the Citrus 2 juice. It is a delicious blend of pineapples, apples, and mint. And then I like to pair that also with a boost of my probiotic shot.

So, you really feel healthier. How long have you been doing it?

Nia Dennis: Since the beginning of this year. I’m actually kind of new to plant-based foods and juices, so this is very new for me and I’m loving it, stepping outside of my comfort zone and feeling healthy. I feel really energized, especially the vitality shot. It’s a great pick me up. It helps me stay energized through my long, busy days. And even for workouts, whenever you need a workout, feel that energy before your workout, it’s great. And it’s amazing for recovery as well.

When you talk to people about the juices and getting their mind and their bodies healthy, what kind of reaction do you get? I would imagine people would be inspired.

Nia Dennis: Yes, they totally feel inspired because like I mentioned, it’s also the key messaging of Pressed. And that this year’s not about big resolutions, it’s about taking small steps for a bigger change and for a bigger goal that you want to make. Getting 1 percent better is something that I’ve always done in gymnastics and didn’t necessarily know how to bring it to the real world and everyday lifestyle. And Pressed has truly helped me do that.

Anything else you are hearing about this?

Nia Dennis: When I explain it to people, people are just like, “Oh, well if it’s so easy for you, then it should be easy for me,” to be able to get all these nutrients and be healthy and feel healthy and feel good. A lot of people know what I’ve been through and know that if it’s easy for me then it really is easy and truly beneficial. And they feel really excited and enthusiastic to go try it. So many people have been to Pressed since I’ve told them.

What advice do you have for the next generation of athletes coming after you and other young girls who admire you?

Nia Dennis: My advice to young girls is to always be authentically themselves. Don’t try to change for anybody or conform to your environment. Be you and shine in your environment and you can be excellent in whatever it is that you do. And never give up because there are going to be obstacles, there’s going to be adversity that’s going to come your way. But it’s a part of your journey and it’s a part of your story. So just keep fighting, keep pushing, and the rainbow is on the other side.

Were there things when you were competing and throughout your young life that helped lift you up doing difficult times?

Nia Dennis: Yes. Something that really helped me was motivational quotes. Sometimes I would just scroll through Google for a long time just looking at quotes to pick me up. Because I know I’m not the only one that’s ever experienced feeling depressed, or feeling like they’re not good enough, or feeling like they’re not going to get to the next step. So, I knew that I couldn’t do it all the time on my own so I would have to look to other things such as Google quotes and motivational quotes. As well as other gymnasts that were going through similar things as me and we would share our experiences and that would also help me a lot.

The last thing that really did help me is watching videos of myself in my best moments, when I was truly super happy or when I was thriving, and what that felt like. When I would watch it, I would put myself back into that environment and feel everything that I was feeling at that moment. And try to bring that to whatever I’m going through in the present time.

What are you doing now? What are you looking forward to?

Nia Dennis: I’m looking forward to all things entertainment. Because gymnastics has consumed a lot of my life, I’m excited to start a new journey of seeing what else I can bring to the table. Right now, I’m building up my skill set in all these areas, in acting, dancing, and modeling as well. So I want to do all of that. Dip my toes in fashion, I’m everywhere. So hopefully you guys will be seeing me on the big screen soon, or see me in a city near you.

[Role Model and Gymnast Nia Dennis Dennis]

What was the “Gold Over America” tour like?

Nia Dennis: Oh, my goodness, that was a great show. The tour was amazing. It was a totally new experience for me. It was very intense. We did five shows a week, but it was so fulfilling. We were truly inspiring so many girls, and also everybody could have taken something away from that show. It was very inspirational and very motivational.

It was really an honor to be a part of that. And performing it five days a week, that was so much fun because like I said, I want to do all things entertainment. So, dancing and being on tour, that was a dream come true.

Have you thought about something like Dancing with the Stars? Or writing a book about your experiences?

Nia Dennis: Yes, of course! Oh, my goodness, I would absolutely love to be on Dancing with the Stars. Hopefully, we can make that happen one day. That would be amazing. Yes, I have also thought about writing a book.

Do you feel that you learned any life lessons that stayed with you since COVID-19 began changing our world with restrictions, isolation, and lockdowns?

Nia Dennis: Yeah, obviously COVID-19 was really tough for me. Not just me, it was really tough for everybody. The biggest thing I did learn about myself is that I do have to stay busy. I am not really a person that can be stagnant for too long. So I was doing a lot of things that were new to me. I was trying a whole bunch of things like roller skating. I was going outside for walks and really appreciating the little things because my life was always so fast-paced and so busy and packed with so many things. But I didn’t get a chance to take time for the little things.

Because of COVID-19, I learned that I do need to make time for the little things throughout my days so that I can really be refreshed and energized.

What is your interest in sports now? I mean, did you watch the Olympics? Are you still glued to the set when certain gymnastics comes on?

Nia Dennis: Yes, I’m still very involved in gymnastics. I did watch the Olympics. I feel like everybody watches the Olympics, so I couldn’t miss that of course. And honestly, Jordan Chiles is a lifelong friend of mine, so I was totally going to support her in any way. So, I was really excited to see her thrive and be in her moment. Also, the UCLA Gymnastics team will always be my sisters. And the Bruins sisterhood is very strong and I feel really closely related to them and close ties to them, so I’ve been to all of the UCLA gymnastics home meets this season.

People are always coming up to me after the meets and they’re like, “Nia, you were so excited for the girls. You looked more hyped than the girls out there.” I’m always cheering them on, giving them my everything because they’re also going through a very difficult time. So, to support them feels really great. And to know that my role is still being used kind of in this space, in the sport of gymnastics, it feels really great.



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