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How JoCinda Benjamin is Helping to Make the Entertainment Industry More Diverse and Representative

Often times we only consider the child performer (which we should) but behind every successful child actor, there’s a parent that gave up their jobs, careers and life’s goals to help make their child’s dream come true.

  1. Create more programs and workshops within inner city schools for exploring the vast positions available with the entertainment industry. (For Ex. Casting, Talent Agents & Managers, Producers, Writers, Production, Photographers, Videographers, Directors, etc.)
  1. Because parents count on me, there isn’t any time to get sick or be under the weather. I must be physically fit and alert to drive and keep with up my child performers.
  2. My job is 24 hours. No days off. Because I’m a small business I maintain my social media, create my posts, scheduling my rides and bookings for the week.
  3. I would have to sacrifice my personal time to make sure my clients are where they need to be.
  4. I didn’t know how tedious it would be to obtain a CPS Permit (allows me to work with industry kids), staying on top of vehicle maintenance for the safety of myself and clients as well as staying in compliance with Child Labor Laws for Child Actors and with Set Teachers for education on set.



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