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How Mia Van Allen Is Helping To Make the Entertainment Industry More Diverse and Representative

Diverse representation in music entertainment is the financially sound thing to do. The more open the industry is to hiring, recognizing and promoting POC and LGBTQ+, the greater access the industry has to members and allies of those larger communities. In other words, if members at large see people who look like them getting credit and recognition within the industry, they are more likely to tune in, purchase merchandise and promote those businesses on social media.

  1. Every day is different so you can’t really “prepare ahead of time.” There is no point in planning your week out in the music industry. You can try, but I will bet you, your week will end up completely different!
  2. Days are very long — -you are always “on the clock.” Especially as an assistant or young entrepreneur just entering in the music business, your role is ESSENTIAL to the success of your boss’s client. You have to go above and beyond to really stand out, so you have to be prepared to constantly be “on the clock.”
  3. There are mentors who want to help, but you must be proactive and responsive in a way that school doesn’t teach. Whenever I had an internship, after work I always made sure to set up drinks or dinner with someone I looked up to in the industry and form a relationship with early on. Many of them turned into great friendships who I now have on my panels!
  4. The music industry seems large, but it is actually quite small. Everybody knows each other. This is a great aspect of our industry. I have had internships where I immediately get an interview because that person knows the status or value of each company on my resume. However, references are key. Put 110% into everything you do, if you don’t…trust me…people will know.



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