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“How to Become the Center of Influence in Minutes Instead of Months” with Host Christina Nicholson of Become A Media Maven Podcast

Start Somewhere Then Use Your Podcast to Share Your Expertise

Christina Nicholson, host of Become A Media Maven.

With her business, Media Maven, and her podcast, Become a Media Maven, Christina Nicholson is a TV host who helps bloggers and business owners…




In-depth Interviews with Authorities in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, Social Impact, and Tech. We use interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable.

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Tracy Hazzard

Tracy Hazzard

Podcasting Expert Strategist; Host of 5 top podcasts: The Binge Factor; New Trust Economy; Feed Your Brand; Product Launch Hazzards; WTFFF?! Podetize Co-Founder

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