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How to Use LinkedIn To Dramatically Improve Your Business, with Darius Fisher and Chaya Weiner

A training course that helps people disconnect. I think we’ve hit an inflection point where people are realizing that being connected all the time, glued to social media and email, makes them unhappy. Not only do I believe that there’s a global opportunity to profit as the pendulum swings away from constant connectivity, but that practicing mindfulness through “digital breaks” will better people.

  1. Networking- LinkedIn is an incredible platform for networking purposes and connecting like-minded individuals. I absolutely utilize LinkedIn to discover new valuable connections and foster relationships. I have been introduced to some amazing industry professionals by reaching out to a mutual connection. Growing my network has enabled me to meet and hire amazing people as well as acquire new business.
  2. Sharing content- Sharing a contribution or article on LinkedIn can add value to your personal brand. Your connections on LinkedIn is an audience of industry-minded individuals who would be interested in reading something that you wrote or found relevant to current trends. It is a great way to share news and establish yourself as a thought leader.
  3. Keep up with industry news- I make it a habit to keep tabs on LinkedIn updates to see which connections have switched roles/companies or have shared news like an article or blog post that might serve as a catalyst for conversation. It is also a good way to stay on top of trends and popular topics being discussed in the industry.
  4. Established online presence- Your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of your professional brand. The headshot, bio, references, should all speak to your target audience and what you can do for them. Remember that an LinkedIn profile usually can appear on page one of Google search results, so it will most likely be one of the first things people see about you online.
  5. Prospecting new business- Linkedin has been a huge contributor to the company’s growth — from prospecting new clients, to attracting new talent. When starting out I used LinkedIn to prospect new business, and it has since become a major asset for accessing a wide network of industry-related professionals. Today, I still use LinkedIn for prospecting new companies then identifying and connecting with C-suite execs. One of my favorite tools for prospecting through LinkedIn is using the “people also viewed” tab.



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