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Investing During The Pandemic: Eszylfie Taylor On What We Should Do With Our Money Considering All Of the Volatility and Uncertainty Today

An Interview With Jason Hartman

The answer to that is really based on the individual. But ultimately, no one has ever called me upset to say that they have saved too much money, so I don’t think you can ever go wrong with saving. The challenge is, if someone calls me to ask if the market is at a high, if now is a good time to buy, if the market is all at a low, etc. No one person knows that, and that is exactly why dollar cost averaging is valuable. What are you going to buy when the market is high, what are you going to buy when the market is low, but on average you are getting the best price.

  1. What is your objective?
  2. What is your timeline?
  3. What is your risk tolerance?