“It’s So Powerful When You Place Your Attention A Few Minutes Each Day To Being Of Service To Someone Else”

Yitzi Weiner
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7 min readAug 20, 2018

Leadership Lessons With Author and Two-Time Founder, Darrah Brustein

I would bring more awareness to the #GiveItForward movement to empower more people to give. It’s powerful what happens when you place your attention, even just for a couple minutes a day, to being of service to someone else. The ripple effect is profound!

I had the pleasure of interviewing author and two-time founder Darrah Brustein. She founded a payment processing company spanning 38 states and a networking events company which serves 30,000+ people, as well as contributes to Forbes and Thrive Global on networking and creating a life of your own design, and has been featured in over 300 press outlets including Time, CNN, Inc, Huffington Post, Fox, and Mashable. She’s on a mission to help others who are disenchanted with “sleep when you’re dead” culture and chasing others people’s definitions of success to build a life of their own design.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

I’ve spent the last decade building companies and writing, and there were many moments during that time where I burned out and was delaying my happiness until I hit another milestone. So, I committed to crafting and integrating my life and work intentionally, not choosing one over the other. As a result, I’ve come to learn that my hypothesis was true: you can create a life and a career you love…at the same time…without losing yourself in the process, or succumbing to the fable that you must burn out and sleep when you’re dead. Now I’m on a mission to help other people do it for themselves.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began leading your company?

One that comes to mind is the most recent endeavor: to create a virtual conference for 10,000 or more people, which is entirely free, headlined by some of the world’s most renowned thought-leaders…

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