Jake Jorgovan of Content Allies and Lead Cookie: Five Things Business Leaders Can Do To Create A Fantastic Work Culture

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6 min readJun 17, 2021


The ability to provide for your team and give them a good work/life balance is amazing. So many entrepreneurs treat their team horribly. I treat my team well and make sure they have a great balance in their life.

As a part of my series about about how leaders can create a “fantastic work culture”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jake Jorgovan.

Jake Jorgovan is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster and Business Advisor.

He is the Founder of Content Allies and Lead Cookie. Through these companies he has generated $40M+ in sales for his clients. Jake is the host of the Working Without Pants Podcast, and Leaders of B2B Podcast. He also shares the raw lessons of his entrepreneurial journey at Jake-Jorgovan.com.

Jake’s professional focus is to build companies that enable freedom of time and financial profitability. He does that by being an active entrepreneur in the trenches and through training others on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales & marketing.