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Jazmin Veney of ARCH: 5 Things You Need To Create a Highly Successful Career In The Fashion Industry

The Power of Knowing Yourself — This industry is a wild ride. It will require almost everything from you for you to be successful. In order to ride the wave without crashing, it’s very necessary to know who you are at your core. Your values, faith, perspective will all be tested. Stay true to yourself every time.

  1. Discernment — Every table, seat, job, party, person is not for you and that’s okay. It’s okay to say no sometimes and trust that what’s for you won’t pass you and there will be another opportunity. Know when to pivot and when to stay.
  2. Hustle — You have to do the work. Don’t take shortcuts because it shows and we can see it and we will talk about it (lol, jk but not ☺). And you will feel so much more rewarded when you know you’ve worked so hard. Don’t take a door shut as the final answer — there’s always another option.
  3. Passion — It’s so cliché but the passion for fashion saying is so real. It should make you happy, you should have a true connection to it — whether it be how you express yourself or how it comforted you in times of need and despair. I’ve been expressing myself with clothes, shoes, beauty for as long as I can remember and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I recognized how much of a factor it played in life. Not having to get dressed for two years essentially, really had my inspiration and creativity feeling blocked. Clothing does that for me, seeing a great outfit excites me, when I see amazing shoes my heart flutters — literally. That is passion.
  4. Tough Skin — This is not for the weak and it is not a drill. You can get yours handed to you on a silver platter as an intern, entry-level worker, or even a manager that didn’t have coffee that day in the fashion industry. It’s tough and there’s little room for mistakes in an industry like that. Go home and try again tomorrow if you need to, but come back tomorrow. I remember crying in the bathroom of one job I absolutely could not stand because my dream position at the time denied me via email after my interview. It happens. I wiped my tears and went back to my desk because I had to nail a presentation at my then-current job 20 minutes later



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