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Jeff Todd of Driven Brands: How to Be Great at Sales Without Seeming Salesy

Create an up-front verbal contract with the prospect. When you set expectations from the beginning, it provides a structure for the entire process. We’ve had prospects who get to the finish line and then ask for more time to make the decision. At this point in the process, they should have received all knowledge needed to make an educated decision, and we would have already mutually agreed on the closing date when the verbal contract was created. At the end of the process, there really is nothing more to talk about. It’s not to be salesy, we’ve just simply gone through our process.

  1. Our focus is on having high-quality materials that are consistent across the board. While good materials don’t close deals, messy ones do ruin them. Our entire team is extremely disciplined in how we operate and stick to the process. A great example that I’ll call out is the newest member of our franchise sales team, Eric McLauchlin. He joined the team in 2020 with no background in the franchise industry and solid a record number of licenses in his first twelve months. His output is a credit to not only his hard work, but also to our system that creates the opportunity for one to achieve results that are better than many seasoned franchise professionals.
  2. Show the prospect your organization. Every fourth Wednesday of the month, we have a Discovery Day. Everyone on our team is committed to taking part in each of the Discovery Days because it provides a franchise prospect a chance to really visualize what they’re buying into. During Discovery Days, prospects are able to see us engaged and working together. This helps show them who we really are as individuals and as a team, and helps us to start building up those relationships. Our franchise prospects are not just buying into a name or a business model; they are buying into our whole organization, and that includes our dedicated team.
  3. Utilize your existing customers and let them speak for you. Yes, our leadership team believes in our product, but, what do our existing franchise partners say? Our franchise partners will validate that we are what we say we are. I encourage any franchise prospect to call the franchise operator who has implemented our suggested operating enhancements, and I also encourage them to call the franchise operator who hasn’t implemented any of our suggested changes. We want our prospects to see the difference between the engaged partners and the unengaged partners. I would encourage anyone to let a prospect draw their own conclusions. More often than not, prospects speaking to an existing franchise owner will allow them to see that we are invested in doing what we say we will.
  4. Sometimes, you have to put some skin in the game. We are willing to make the tough choice to give up on upfront ROI and be in it for the long run. We are focused on the long-term benefits of our partnership with franchise prospects and structure our deals as such. At times, we offer concessions that allow for an investor’s payback period to be reduced. The goal is then for them to be ready to grow and open their next location sooner.



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