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Kai Strachan: “I am Living Proof of the American Dream”

To me, success is defined as how we impact other people’s lives. At the end of the day, we should always want to be remembered for what we did for others. Don’t get me wrong, it does feel good to be recognized, praised, and rewarded for what we have done. Although in my opinion, none of that matters unless you aspire to inspire.

  • Creating a better path for immigrants and other individuals to obtain citizenship.
  • Establishing a better refugee system.
  • Building a better legal immigration system so that it can be receptive to the nations changing needs.
  1. Faith — This is probably one of the hardest things to do especially when life comes at us from different angles but with faith no dream and goal will ever be obtained.
  2. Consistency — This forms habits that become second nature. Consistency is a requirement to achieve a better future.
  3. Determination — In order to achieve anything in life it’s all about the process but staying focused no matter what will always give you the best outcome.
  4. Communication — Don’t be afraid to talk, ask questions, and seek help. For some this may be uncomfortable, but there is a lot of information that sometimes we can’t obtain it on our own.
  5. Trust — This one is similar to faith but trust gives us a positive view on life. Believing and knowing that things will be better in a later time can ground you and keep you hopeful.
  1. Educated youth — Despite technology and social media being a big distraction, I think that the younger generation is changing the direction of the country day by day.
  2. Gender equality- Gender equality is something that has been an everlasting fight for many years. I think that America is allowing more gender equality opportunities by allowing a lot of decisions that aren’t on the basis of being a woman or man.
  3. Being open minded — Slowly but surely, America is becoming very open minded and accepting of a lot of different things that go on. With this mindset, I feel like it will bring everyone together despite past differences.



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