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Kaleena Morrison of United & Free: Five Strategies Our Company Is Using To Tackle Climate Change & Become More Sustainable

Social sustainability — We are in business to do better for everyone involved with united & free. We build partnerships with our entire supply chain with the intention of bettering the lives of people we work with, our community, and the environment. As we grow in the next few years, we plan to focus on a series of multiple small scholarships, organize events to drive awareness for ocean conservation, and become a carbon-neutral operation.

  1. Take them outside on a hike to show them the beauty of nature and teach them we all have a responsibility for our environment and ecosystem.
  2. Teach them to stand up for those who don’t have a voice.
  3. Nurture a sense of wonder for science and art.
  4. Volunteer with them in your community to teach them that time and effort can directly impact those around them.



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