“Listen To Your Gut, Invest In Real Estate, And Take More Pictures” With Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child

“The funniest story is that I sometimes forget words on stage. When I do, I turn the microphone to crowd and they finish the song. I have the best fans in the whole world!”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kelly Rowland, 3-time Grammy Award winner singer and longtime HIV / AIDS activist about how she’s using her notoriety to help break the stigma around HIV / AIDS and spread awareness around a new campaign with Johnson & Johnson to “Make HIV History.”Kelly Rowland is a 3-time Grammy Award winner singer, songwriter, actress and executive producer. A global pop star since the age of 16, Kelly grew up in the spotlight as a member of Destiny’s Child, one of the best-selling groups of all time. The groups awe-inspiring list of chart toppers include 4 №1 singles in the U.S. and more than 60 million albums sold worldwide. Kelly Rowland has blossomed into a stunning solo artist who has released four successful studio albums, which have topped music charts all over the world. Most recently, Kelly joined the lineup as a judge on The Voice Australia which she currently wrapped up on filming. Kelly also added a new title to her name as published author with the release of her literary debut “Whoa, Baby!” which chronicles the trials and funny tribulations of being a new mother. Although Kelly Rowland has a long list of accomplishments and accolades she shows no signs of slowing down!

What is your “backstory”

I am a kid who saw Whitney Houston on television and wanted to be a singer. I then sang in church. The stars aligned for me to be at the right place at the right time and now I do it professionally.

Can you share the funniest or most interesting story that occurred to you in the course of your career?

The funniest story is that I sometimes forget words on stage. When I do, I turn the microphone to crowd and they finish the song. I have the best fans in the whole world!

You’ve been a long time HIV / AIDS activist, how and why did you get involved in the fight against AID / HIV?

HIV affects millions of people on a daily basis, and often times they are unfairly discriminated against and live with stigma. I think it’s important to continuously campaign and bring light to the issues so that we work to remove this stigma, educate communities on getting tested, ensure safe practices and ultimately find a cure.

You’ve recently partnered with Johnson & Johnson on an initiative to bring awareness around HIV today? Tell us more about it and why you’re involved.

This fall, Johnson & Johnson and I called on the public to submit videos that show support, fight stigma and share the facts around HIV today. These submissions are being compiled into one video that will be released on World AIDS Day, and we want everyone to share that video to help raise awareness. That’s because it’s been over 30 years since HIV was discovered, and it’s still one of the most pressing public health challenges of our time. Progress has been made. But 7,000 young women contract HIV every week and 30% of people living with HIV are undiagnosed. We need to work together to help end HIV within this generation.

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started“ and why.

I have four.

1 — Don’t spend your money on stupid stuff.

2 — Listen to your gut.

3 — Invest in real estate.

4 — Take more pictures.

Thank you so much for doing this!