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Pat Zollars of Contracting Solutions: Five Things Business Leaders Can Do To Create A Fantastic Work Culture

An unhappy workforce slows down company productivity. It drags down the company and drags down the individuals. This can impact the entire company — also consider that you may have to let one unhappy employee go if they are impacting everyone around them and causing issues to the organization.

  1. To keep employees engaged and reduce unhappy employees, which improves productivity and profitability, we make decisions as a group. This gives employees a chance to have their voices heard and feel they have a stake in the direction of the company. Without this process, we would have lost hours and wasted time.
  2. We keep the health and well-being of our team at top-of-mind by organizing committees that our employees run to determine the direction of particular needs and issues that need to be tackled. Everyone from the ground floor up takes part in a committee and some of our decision-making. By involving our whole team, we are able to keep our employees happier and that helps their overall well-being. During work hours we are a family; we may not always get along, but we treat each other like family which means that we check in on each other daily.
  1. Hiring work appropriate — be thoughtful in what you are looking for with each hire. Managers and executives set the standards and examples of the type of team member we want for our staff. The candidates must align with the company and desired work culture. Follow that goal and you will find a team that will fit together and do the job required.
  2. Hire the person, not the position. We have hired people that do not “fit” from a background standpoint, but they stood out and have a good work ethic. For example, we brought in temporary employees for a large job that we were working on and some had difficult backgrounds that would have led other companies to not hire them. But we took a chance, and they are excellent employees to this day.
  3. Think about how you are branded for your customers. We require all of our staff (as they are going into businesses performing construction tasks) to wear logo gear. This is to identify our staff so that we are not called out at any of our off-site locations and to give our staff ownership that they are representing our company when they are on a job site.
  4. We give back to our community together. We have provided to the Alzheimers Association and installed items to help those recently diagnosed by making their homes safer. We support the local police and first responders. When we give back, it helps us appreciate what we have and how important our job is to many.



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